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Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
| November 25, 2016

Basic income: The devil is in the details

November 5, 2016
| Basic income is in the news right now, with governments from Alberta to Quebec in support of the idea. Economist David Macdonald says it's critical to pick the right model to actually reduce poverty.
Length: 15:48 minutes (14.48 MB)

Poverty and segregation endemic in U.S. cities

October 31, 2016
| Black poverty rates are double those of whites. One in three Black men has a felony record. U.S. cities are deeply segregated. Police killings have their roots in the system, says Paul Street.
Length: 15:28 minutes (14.17 MB)

'Storming the Digital Divide' illustrates how PovNet made the Internet accessible

October 20, 2016
| PovNet was born out of a meeting of anti-poverty activists in 1997 who wanted to make the Internet accessible to all. A new comic book tells the story of this unique online resource.
Length: 13:32 minutes (12.39 MB)
| October 11, 2016
Photo: Dariusz Więckiewicz/flickr
| July 28, 2016
| July 27, 2016
July 5, 2016 |
We are often told that the solution to poverty is for the poor to “get a job” or for various sectors to create more jobs. But this CCPA study finds that a job is not a guaranteed path out of poverty.
Christina Gray
| July 4, 2016
Image: IntentCity.ca
| June 27, 2016
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