Pride Parade

Jul 18, 2017
 Image: Flickr/Olivia Chow

Has dyke become the internet's next four-letter word?

Krystalline Kraus
Apparently, the word dyke is too controversial for Facebook administrators to trust consenting adults to use appropriately. So you could upload your content but not mention what you were referring to.

Ottawa Pride Parade

Aug 24, 2014
Gladstone and Bank Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 17.508" N, 75° 41' 49.8948" W
Ontario CA
The highlight of Ottawa's most colourful festival! The parade is expected to attract over 75,000 festival-goers.

Halifax Pride Parade

Jul 26, 2014
Various Halifax , NS
44° 38' 55.9068" N, 63° 34' 31.152" W
Nova Scotia CA
Each year the collective creativity, talents, and energy of our Halifax communities come together to wow the world, all while celebrating the diversity and variety of life in Halifax.
Jul 4, 2013
Photo: milan.ilnyckyj/flickr

Ten days of Pride

Roy Mitchell
For Pride High Holy Week 2013, I lit a candle each day and contemplated being Queer and Pride. The following are those contemplations.
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