Mar 12, 2010

We can haz democracy

Christopher White
The Prime Minister's new tricked out YouTube site is hosting a pre-approved, moderated Q&A between the PM and Canadian citizens. Are our elected representatives attempting Web 2.0?
Feb 19, 2010

The pollster who couldn't shoot straight

Murray Dobbin
In January, pollster Nik Nano came out saying the whole issue of shutting down Parliament was a big yawn that no one cared about. Really?
Feb 11, 2010

The Harper prorogue protest hits Victoria

Bob Hamilton
Hundreds of members of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament will rally outside B.C.'s Legislature today when Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrives to address the legislature.
Feb 4, 2010

What's up, Jack?

Murray Dobbin
Maybe I missed a story or a headline somewhere but I am having trouble finding much media reference to the NDP these days.
Feb 1, 2010

Democracy in trouble: Time to wake up

I hate to be grim, but there's this gnawing question in the air: Is democracy in trouble? If so, what does it mean? In both Canada and the U.S., what's transpiring is astonishing.
Jan 25, 2010

Yes democracy, no prorogue: Voices from the rallies

rabble staff
On Saturday Jan. 23, thousands of Canadians gathered at protests across the country and the world to voice their discontent with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's move to prorogue Parliament.
Jan 25, 2010

Yes democracy, no prorogation

rabble staff
Concerned Canadians gathered across the country this weekend to demand Parliament get back to work. (Photo: Kristen Hanson)
Jan 21, 2010

Obama and Harper: Bookends in a broken democracy

Judy Rebick
The Democrats defeat in Massachusetts and the unprecedented uprising against Harper's prorogation are both citizens' reaction to a broken democratic system. We need something better.
Jan 20, 2010

Canada goes democratic in 2010: A fevered fantasy?

John Deverell
Imagine the Canadians Against Proroguing rally next Saturday and there, gazing from a chilly platform over a crowd of university students sprinkled with older folk, stands Michael Ignatieff.


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