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Tim Hortons-Burger King deal only helps corporations

Photo: flickr/Morgan
The truth is that the Burger King-Tim Hortons deal is just a paper transaction that, apart from enriching stockholders, will likely provide zero benefit for Canada, in job creation or revenue.

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Forget benefits to Canada, the Tim Hortons-Burger King deal only helps corporations

Photo: Alan C./flickr

As we saw with Tim Hudak's Million Jobs fantasy, claims about the benefits of corporate tax cuts can sometimes stretch into the realm of hallucination.

We've now reached a new level of silliness in public discourse about taxes with the suggestion by Finance Minister Joe Oliver that Burger King's $11-billion takeover of Tim Hortons somehow illustrates the benefits of Canada's low corporate tax rates.

One might be left with the impression that the corporate creator of the Whopper plans to invest a whopping $11 billion in Canada. There's a whopper for you, but it's not inside a bun.

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