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Jan 19, 2014

Doing it together

Tania Ehret
The process of changemaking will always be rough, but will remain inevitable through collective reinforcement.
Nov 20, 2013

Rad Voices: Lori Kufner, harm reduction activist

Constructing change: the activist toolkit
This episode of the Rad Voices podcast series features Lori Kufner, a harm reduction and public space activist working with the TRIPP Project.
Jul 8, 2013

Dave Meslin: Building a Culture of Participation

Dave Meslin is one of Canada's most well-known proponents of citizen engagement. His work has helped cities confront the barriers that stop community members from engaging in local politics.
Book Review
Oct 4, 2012

Cycling for change: Critical Mass at 20

Chris Carlsson
Critical Mass was born 20 years ago among dozens of people in San Francisco and has reproduced itself in over 350 cities, thanks to the efforts of countless thousands across the planet.
Activist Toolkit

Sustainable street art

DIY recipes for resistance, from moss graffiti to safe flour based paints
Jun 24, 2011

What's in a name?

People experience a reality; the words and symbols follow. As the guy in Field of Dreams might have said: Build it and they will name.
Apr 22, 2010

Decoder - Episode 5

On this episode – do cameras belong in the courtroom? ...we visit a classroom where students are encouraged to use iPods in class… and is the best teacher of internet safety the internet itself?
Sep 1, 2009

Green Culture Festival

John Bonnar
Bellevue Square Park in Kensington Market recently played host to the Green Culture Festival. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Aug 19, 2009

Mapping surveillance cameras in Vancouver

On August 23, the Vancouver Public Space Network is going to do a count of all the video cameras in Vancouver's downtown eastside and central business district.
Apr 28, 2009

Billboard fee to fund public art

An arts and community coalition in Toronto wants to see advertisers charged a levy with the funds to go to public art.

Bikers take up a whole lane day

Jul 16, 2011
Everywhere! Toronto , ON
43° 39' 12.6864" N, 79° 23' 2.0652" W
Ontario CA
People are meeting up in cafes, parks, street corners and neighbourhoods across the city to show city hall that we want more bike lanes!

Film screening: Roadsworth Crossing the Line

Jul 8, 2009 to Jul 10, 2009
NFB Mediatheque
150 John Street Corner of Richmond St. W, (Osgoode Subway)
M5V 3C3 Toronto
43° 38' 39.7392" N, 79° 23' 19.734" W
Roadsworth: Crossing the Line is a documentary detailing a Montreal stencil artist's clandestine campaign to make his mark on the city streets.
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