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Quick Change - Mammalian Diving Reflex

Host Wayne MacPhail interviews the founder of the Mammalian Diving Reflex, Darren O'Donnell about the art/research atelier's work in mashing together chunks of society that normally don't mesh.

Quick Change - Mark Kuznicki of Remarkk Consulting

In this episode host Wayne MacPhail interviews Mark Kuznicki about how change happens when citizens are brought together well in-person and online.

Quick Change - Janet Bike Girl

You're watching "Quick Change - Ten Minutes with the Tenants of Centre for Social Innovation."

In this second episode of Quick Change, host Wayne MacPhail (http://w8nc.com) interviews Centre for Social Innovation tenant Janet Bike Girl (Attard) about bike activism, stencils and recycling.

Quick Change - Darkhorse Espresso Bar

Co-owners Deanna Zunde and Ed Lynds talk with host Wayne MacPhail about the Darkhorse, their coffeehouse on the ground floor of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. This video is a part of the Quick Change series for rabbletv

Quick Change - Toronto Cyclists Union

In this episode host Wayne MacPhail interviews Yvonne Bambrick, the executive director of the Toronto Cyclists Union. http://bikeunion.to Quick Change is a vidcast that focusses on the social change tenants in the Centre for Social Innovation at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto.

The Petition Site

The Petition Site hosts various templates for online petitions that users can create for specific causes and/or campaigns. The site is focused on conservation, although petitions on any topic can be created.

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