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Dec 13, 2015


Meghan Murphy
The women who've gained access to liberal media are simply replicating the cronyism once reserved for the old boys club.
Sep 3, 2013
Femme and trans* burlesque

Burlesque just a fancy word for stripping?

Laura Brightwell
Is burlesque a new-wave feminist performance or a throwback to a misogynist tradition? Laura Brightwell tries to pin down the pin-ups and find out if burlesque really is just stripping.
Jun 29, 2013

Deep Green Resistance under attack

Feminist Current
Deep Green Resistance (DGR) has recently come under attack because of their feminist critique of gender. Meghan Murphy speaks with DGR members Rachel Ivey and Lexy Johnson about the controversy.
Apr 29, 2013

The MRAs vs. Rad Fem 2013

Feminist Current
Rad Fem 2013, a radical feminist conference set to happen in London, from June 8th-9th, is being protested against by Men's Rights activists.
Activist Toolkit

Radical doulas

An explaination of the newest form of birthing activists
Nov 1, 2011

Dworkin's 'Heartbreak'

Ellie Gordon-Moershel
Ellie Gordon-Moershel discusses the legacy of Andrea Dworkin and her memoir, "Heartbreak," which gives a fuller picture of the woman most feared and ridiculed in the feminist movement.
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