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Ottawa's mayor declares anti-choice 'Respect for Life Day'

On Tuesday, word broke that Ottawa's mayor Jim Watson had signed a proclamation declaring today, May 12, as "Respect For Life Day." This was to honour the annual "March For Life" anti-choice/anti-abortion march that is taking place today.


'Conscientious objection' when it comes to reproductive health is not conscientious

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When doctors refuse to provide reproductive health-care services based on personal beliefs, most people call it "conscientious objection." In reality, it is the opposite of conscientious.

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Activists continue fight for better access to abortion in New Brunswick

In April, The Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick -- the only private clinic in New Brunswick to offer abortions -- announced it would be closing due to lack of funding from New Brunswick's provincial government. This prompted a large backlash from abortion rights activists who turned to the public for support, which culminated in numerous articles on reprodutive choice in Canada, protests and a Save the Clinic crowdfunding initiative.

The Morgentaler Clinic used to operate once a week and has provided abortion services to more than 10,000 women. However, the clinic was never profitable said Simone Leibovitch, manager of the clinic.


| July 8, 2014
Feminist Current

Reframing the 'natural birth' vs. 'medicalized birth' dichotomy with Ness Fraser

July 8, 2014
| Meghan Murphy speaks with doula, reproductive rights activist, and midwifery care advocate, Ness Fraser, about the natural birth movement and the medicalization of birth.
Length: 32:45 minutes (29.99 MB)

The irony of Harper's commitment to women and children

While receiving much praise for renewing the so-called Muskoka Initiative, Harper is killing or de-funding other valuable women's initiatives, both in Canada and abroad.

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| May 31, 2014

Moving forward with the abortion debate

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Justin Trudeau's statement that any new candidate for the Liberal Party must agree to vote pro-choice on any bills is positive and entirely appropriate. It stirred up a surprising amount of criticism and confusion in the media, however, in addition to the expected histrionics from anti-choice and religious communities.

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