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Workers at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter ask for a living wage

Photo: PSAC-NCR | AFPC-RCN/Flickr
Workers at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter say it is increasingly difficult to work for poverty wages.

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Babies Abducted in Canadian Hospitals

In Canada, only HEALTHY mostly Caucasian, pregnant girls and women, were targeted and systematically rounded up by government social workers and falsely imprisoned in warehouses for pregnant young women. These warehouses were referred to as "maternity homes." Non - Caucasian pregnant girls and women were left alone because their babies were not in demand by infertiles.

Resolving the strike at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter

Photo: PSAC-NCR | AFPC-RCN/Flickr

Several weeks ago we, as concerned Christians, met at a local church with some of the striking workers from the Salvation Army Booth Centre on George Street in Ottawa's Byward Market. The staff members spoke first and at length about the people they serve, some with serious mental health problems and those trying to conquer alcoholism or addictions, many of whom are homeless. It was clear to us that these workers, whether as a front-line counsellors or as support staff in the kitchen, must have both skill and dedication to do what they do. These workers have both.


| December 10, 2009

Salvos apologise to sex workers over ads

Salvos apologise to sex workers over ads

Posted Fri May 22, 2009 9:42am AEST
Updated Fri May 22, 2009 10:27am AEST

Salvation army advert featuring the story of a prostitute, May 22 2009

Salvation Army advert featuring the story of a prositute. Sex workers were offended by the ad and demanded an apology. (newspaper)

Salvation Army apologises to sex workers

THE Salvation Army has apologised over an advertisement published in newspapers today which has outraged sex workers.

As the Army band trumpeted, sex workers with placards and red umbrellas stormed the launch of its Red Shield Appeal in Sydney.

The Australian sex workers association, the Scarlet Alliance, was protesting over the Salvos' ad in newspapers which drew attention to its rehabilitation efforts.

The ad told the story of 'Rick', saying: "To get Rick out of prostitution, we had to resort to smuggling.''

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