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More women scientists needed in the classrooms, faculty and professional world

Photo: BW Jones/flickr
Sexism under the microscope as Annemieke Farenhorst talks about the lack of women scientists.

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The government must free scientists to talk to journalists

This week is Right to Know Week in Canada, intended to acknowledge and celebrate our freedom-of-information laws. Some 40 other countries have a Right to Know Day, but we Canadians get a whole week. And you know what? We need it.

Ironically, this celebration of open information comes on the back of new evidence of unacceptable political interference in the public statements of federal government researchers. In short, the information policies of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper are muzzling scientists in their dealings with the media.



Deep Spill 2: Not coming to a gulf near you

"Deep Spill 2" sounds like a sequel to a Hollywood thriller.

Unfortunately, it is more of a reality show. "Deep Spill 2" is the name of an ambitious series of proposed scientific experiments that should be happening right now. Scientists from around the globe are ready, literally, to dive in to understand what is happening with the oil and gas that are spewing into the Gulf of Mexico with the force of a volcano.

There is one problem, though: BP won't let them.

American scientist Craig Venter creates and sells self-replicating synthetic life

The Belfast Telegraph in Northern Ireland has leaked news of monumental importance to humanity:

"An American biologist has stepped into the shoes of Baron Frankenstein by breathing life into a bacterium using genes assembled in the laboratory.

The creation of the 'synthetic cell', described as a 'landmark' by one British expert, is a 15-year dream come true for maverick genetics entrepreneur Dr. Craig Venter."



Destruction of Canadian research libraries huge loss for science

February 4, 2014
| The Conservative government plans to close seven of the 11 fisheries science libraries by 2015. Researchers says that it’s not clear how much valuable research will be lost in the process.
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Save the Science Libraries

The politicians closing science libraries across the country claim it will save more than $400,000 every year. Official party line says all material from these facilities will be “digitized,” but no one seems willing to admit where the material is now, what resources will be used to undertake that process, and where the material will be stored.

Scientists, learners and activists are calling on us to remind the government that this plan is not acceptable by signing this petition.


Get Science Right - Vancouver Town Hall

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Harbour Centre, Room 1410
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

Members of the public and the media are invited to join with eminent local researchers in a discussion of the serious crisis in science and research in Canada and what it means for Canadians.

Bob McDonald, Quirks & Quarks, CBC

Jim Wright, Director, Therapeutics Initiative
Siân Echard, English, UBC
Jane Watson, Biology, VIU
Gwenn Flowers, Earth Sciences, SFU

Facebook event:


Book: The Entrepreneurial State

November 12, 2013
| The conventional wisdom says the private sector determines what gets created, then the marketplace determines success or failure of those products. Mariana Mazucatto says that's not how it works.
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Don't forget those who 'commit sociology': Calls for evidence-based policy exclude social scientists

Stand Up for Science protests took place in 17 cities across Canada last week, including Ottawa, in hopes of bringing attention to the federal government's cuts to research funding and muzzling of scientists.


The Harper government's war on science is a threat to Canadians

Last week scientists across the country again protested muzzling and defunding by the government.

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