Jun 25, 2015

Watch: Appoint me to the Senate!

You'll be walking down the street whistling this little ditty on your way to your next appointment. And just perhaps considering whether you, too, are ready for the Senate.
Apr 7, 2015
Photo: wikimedia commons

What we can learn, even now, from the Mike Duffy trial

Karl Nerenberg
Senator Mike Duffy's trial starts today, April 7, and will have its full share of drama and revelation. Even at this early stage, however, there are lessons we can glean from the whole affair.
Dec 4, 2013
Photo: Márcio Cabral de Moura/flickr

A Duffy audit timeline: Who did what when?

Murray Dobbin
The RCMP investigation of Senator Mike Duffy generated a lot of documents. Murray Dobbin sifted through them and put together this timeline to show how we got to this point in the story.
Nov 28, 2013

More Conservative hypocrisy on vicious cluster bombs

Karl Nerenberg
It seems like a no-brainer that the Foreign Affairs Committee would have Bill C-6 amended so it does not contradict itself -- banning cluster bombs while allowing Canada to still use them.
Nov 14, 2013

Questions that won't come up at the Supreme Court

Geoff Stevens
Suspending Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau won't silence the questions about Senate policies and oversight, and neither will a s Supreme Court ruling on the technicalities of Senate reform.


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