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Oct 30, 2009
Migrant Workers in the UK Sex Industry

How many migrant sex workers are actually trafficked?

Nico Little
New evidence released by the London Metropolitan University shows that, contrary to popular perceptions, only a minority of interviewees felt they had been trafficked into the UK sex industry.
Book Review
Jul 9, 2009

On the prowl

Jennifer Moreau
While studies often focus on why women get into prostitution, precious few have looked at the men who rent them.The Johns examines an often overlooked element in the prostitution equation.
Oct 29, 2008

Stop Ontario's bill 106!

Ariel Troster
On October 2, 2008, Yasir Naqvi, Liberal MPP for Ottawa Centre introduced Bill 106, the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, as a private member's bill. This Bill will have serious impacts on the


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