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Nov 14, 2011

Why criminalizing clients won't work

Pivot Legal Society
Lawyer Katrina Pacey talks to Paul Ryan about why street-level sex workers would be just as unsafe if laws were introduced to criminalize sex work clients.
Sep 17, 2011

New Vancouver sex work report

Pivot Legal Society
Katrina Pacey talks about what is -- and more importantly, what isn't -- in the new report put out by the City of Vancouver on sex work in the city.
Apr 6, 2011

Supreme Court to hear feds' sex work appeal

Pivot Legal Society
Canada's Supreme Court has allowed the federal government the right to appeal an attempt by Vancouver sex workers to challenge Canada's criminal laws relating to adult prostitution.
Nov 14, 2009

Real work is sex work??

Nico Little
Increasingly we hear claims that sex work is real work, an argument that the sex industries involve genuine labour worthy of workers' rights. This post explores real work that is actually sex work...


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