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Abuse: Survival Stories -- The Beautiful Truth

Jun 21, 2014
Victoria Village Library auditorium
184 Sloane Ave
Toronto , ON
43° 44' 9.3552" N, 79° 18' 45.8604" W
Ontario CA
Men and women, survivors and supporters alike are welcome to join us for a day of testimonials from three survivors, spoken word poetry and a creative group exercise.
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Violence UnSilenced

Supporting survivors of sexual abuse by hearing and sharing their stories
Nov 8, 2013

Sexual violence amongst teens and young adults

A recent online survey asked adolescents and young adults if they had ever made someone have sex with them when they knew that person didn't want to. The results were surprising.
Aug 6, 2012
MONUC peacekeepers in shooting exercise. Photo: Martine Perret

UN ignores abuse by peacekeepers in Congo

Gerry Caplan
What do we do when those we entrust with our greatest hopes betray that trust? If the betrayers are United Nations peacekeepers, the answer seem to be nothing at all.
Mar 26, 2012

The F Word: Familial Sexual Abuse

The F Word
Ariana Barer and Nicole Deagan, along with guest Leigh Malone, discuss the social climate around sexual abuse, silence and shame, the phenomenon of mother-blaming, and the role of feminism in healing.


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