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Digital activism refers to online participation in cause-related movements
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J.S. Woodsworth

J.S. Woodsworth was the first leader of the CCF
Sep 9, 2010

What are the game changers?

Marc Lee
Here are 12 steps to create a movement for change that will excite people about the world that could be, and put our ruling class on the defensive.
Nov 20, 2009

Once upon a Waffle

Mel Watkins
The Waffle should be judged as part and parcel of the still vibrant sovereignty movement and the growing self-confidence that Canadians have about Canada's survival independent of the United States.
Nov 20, 2009

Gil Levine: The ultimate mensch

Judy Rebick
Gil Levine, a legendary union leader and founding member of CUPE died on Nov. 16 at the age of 85, still vigorous and politically active.
Nov 18, 2009

Second Chance -- Union Made

rabble staff
Second Chance -- Union Made is a film that follows the lives and work of six ex-gang/prison members who turn their lives around by entering unions.
Sep 29, 2009

Electrifying grassroots organizing

Peggy Nash
Looking for inspiration? Check out the Clean Train Coalition, a grassroots community movement in Toronto dedicated to clean air, good public transit and fighting against polluting diesel trains.


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