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Open letter from a former Katimavik participant

Photo: Gabrielle de Montigny
A former Katimavik participant reflects on the Conservative government's decision to cut the program.

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Marking a major commitment to affordable housing in Manitoba

| April 17, 2014

Stand Up to the World Bank Toolkit

The Bank Information Center (BIC) is an organization specifically devoted to monitoring the World Bank and ensuring it upholds commitments to poverty reduction and programs to target other social issues. BIC is committed to upholding this mandate by working alongside members of civil society.

That's why they produced a multi-part resource for activists, with details on everything from how the World Bank operates to access for information requests, to safeguarding your rights as a member of civil society opposing the institution's policies. 


Manitoba's Education Property Tax rebate: Do we seniors really need it?

| October 28, 2013

The price of American inequality

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The most significant, recent news -- that trust in neoliberalism is dead, that confidence in the unrestrained free market has become unfathomable to the majority of U.S. citizens -- has become more evident since 2008. The event is of course obscured by neoliberalism's continued dominance of conservative and centrist governments, political parties and media, yet it is evident that we are now witnessing its inevitable sequence of delegitimation, ruin and replacement.


Democratic governments and looking out for others

Photo: ajusticenetwork/Flickr

Recently the Harper government decided to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard station which provided search and rescue services in waters bordering Vancouver. The numerous watercraft (representing 20 million human transits annually) crossing English Bay and False Creek now have to depend on a station over one-half hour from the centre of water traffic.

Though only one small instance of massive government cutbacks, it nevertheless affects the sense of well-being in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Though the Conservatives deny it, the Kitsilano closure puts lives in danger. Providing security for citizens is what democratic governments are supposed to do.

B.C.'s social infrastructure house of cards

| February 26, 2013

Social impact bonds: The anti-philanthropy

| November 22, 2012

Getting at the root causes of hunger in Atlantic Canada

| November 6, 2012

Venezuela's upcoming presidential election

Photo: World Development Movement/Flickr

In my co-edited book The Revolution in Venezuela: social and political change under Chávez, Margarita López-Maya and Luis E. Lander contributed an insightful article on the 2006 Venezuelan elections. The essay is worth revisiting because its analysis identifies the same crucial dynamics that underlie the current campaigns vying to win the Venezuelan presidency on October 7.

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