The 2012 U.S. Election and the Failure of Capitalism

Oct 14, 2012
Bahen Center - University of Toronto
40 St. George St. Room 2135
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 34.6716" N, 79° 23' 48.6528" W
Ontario CA
The 2012 U.S. election is taking place against the backdrop of the greatest world economic and social crisis since the 1930s.

Socialist Equity Party meeting on Quebec student strike

Jun 21, 2012
Centre St.-Pierre
1212 Panet, Room 203 (Near the Beaudry Metro station on the green Line)
H2L 2Y7 Montreal , QC
45° 31' 8.8932" N, 73° 33' 12.0924" W
Quebec CA
SEP meeting on Quebec student strike: Socialism and the defence of public education
May 8, 2012

François Hollande's Socialist France

Masses of people thronged Place de la Bastille -- symbolically representative of the French revolution -- to cheer the electoral victory May 6 of French Socialist Party candidate François Hollande.

FREE screening of 'Marx Reloaded' documentary!

Apr 6, 2012
Centre of Gravity
1300 Gerrard St E
Toronto , ON
43° 40' 16.356" N, 79° 19' 37.5924" W
Ontario CA
A documentary that examines the relevance of Karl Marx's ideas for understanding the global economic crisis. With a discussion led by Sam Gindin, co-author of The Making of Global Capitalism.


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