spending cuts

Jan 30, 2014

The staying power of Ontario's deficit games

Hugh Mackenzie
Current deficit predictions are based upon years of faulty predictions. It's a deficit prediction pattern that helped bolster the deficit narrative crisis that led to the austerity agenda of 2012.
Jan 28, 2014

Who will Harper surprise next?

Taking others by surprise is a big part of the strategy employed by the Harper government as it remakes Canada. Harper won a majority in 2011, surprising the country as the Liberal vote collapsed.
Dec 18, 2013
Photo: Adam Fagen/flickr

Cutting Canada Post: It's about more than mail

Erika Shaker
We should all be concerned about what cuts to Canada Post mean for our national commitment to universality, and how they will further contribute to the slow erosion of our democratic institutions.
Jul 31, 2013
Photo: thetaxhaven/flickr

How offshore tax havens destroy governments

Bruce Livesey
The offshore tax haven issue speaks to one of the Great Lies currently promulgated by conservative, liberal and even social democratic governments: which is that governments are broke.


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