spending cuts

Aug 4, 2011

Public sector austerity: Why is Canada leading the way?

Andrew Jackson
The major economic problem faced by Canadians is a very slow recovery and weak job market, not government deficits or rising debt. But public spending cuts will make the real problem even worse.
Jul 27, 2011

The myth of expansionary austerity

Andrew Jackson
As the U.S. and Europe turn from stimulus to fiscal austerity, claims are heard that spending cuts actually stimulate economic growth. However there is rarely any such thing as expansionary austerity.
Jul 12, 2011

Navigating challenging economic waters

Marc Lee
Down south, the Obama administration is in a dangerous game of chicken with Republican congressional leaders, who are cynically holding the U.S. economy hostage.
Jun 7, 2011

The $0.3 billion question

Jim Stanford
Since the forecast 2014-15 deficit was all of $0.3 billion, why do we need a whole strategic review process and $4 billion of blood on the floor in order to eliminate it?
May 9, 2011

How much will Harper cut?

Erin Weir
Some progressives worry that the new Conservative majority will dismantle the Canadian state. In fiscal terms, it is looking like the lame sequel to a movie that Canadians have seen before.
Feb 22, 2011

Weekly Audit: A recall fight brewing in Wisconsin?

Lindsay Beyerstein
Tens of thousands of people continue their peaceful occupation of the Wisconsin state capital to protest a bill that would abolish most collective bargaining rights for public employees...


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