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Feb 28, 2012

Québec students strike over tuition hikes

Eric Martin
There are more than 65,000 students on strike in Québec. Students are walking out of classrooms to reverse the 75 per cent raise in tuition over five years announced in the last provincial budget.
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Unionizing students

Resources about how to unionize your university or college
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Mobilizing students

How to get students involved in your movement and keep them engaged.
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Drop the fees

On This Day
Drop fees is a campaign put on by the Canadian Federation of Students every year
Dec 12, 2011
Occupy McMaster Teach-in

Occupy McMaster University

Progressive Voices
There is something special happening at McMaster University -- students have occupied the university-owned "student centre" and created a real community space.
Jul 23, 2011

Global university rankings

Nick Falvo
The European University Association (EUA) recently released a report they had commissioned entitled Global University Rankings and Their Impact.
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