Apr 16, 2010

Who are the heroes in Afghanistan?

Tipping points are a matter of opinion. In mine, the Canadian mission in Afghanistan has now tipped over and landed in Somalia in 1993. This was not supposed to happen.
Mar 15, 2010

German forces now ordering airstrikes

Dave Markland
Der Spiegel reports that German forces are no longer restricted to ground operations and have begun ordering air strikes and drone attacks from the U.S. arsenal.
Jan 21, 2010

A Taliban charm offensive?

Dave Markland
The New York Times reports that the Taliban are capitalizing on the population's disdain for NATO troops.
Jan 13, 2010

Locals say U.S. troops shot protesters

Dave Markland
Thousands of Afghans protesting U.S. troops were fired on by security forces, killing eight. Many say U.S. troops did the shooting.
Jan 10, 2010

Losing a disastrous war

Dave Markland
Despite the ongoing troop surge officials say the Taliban have the momentum while the Afghan army makes success impossible.
Sep 14, 2009

Le fiasco Afghan

Pierre Beaudet
Le cafouillage des élections en Afghanistan est maintenant connu depuis la « découverte » de la fraude observée par la Commission de supervision internationale.


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