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Dec 7, 2011

Mind the OECD credibility gap

Andrew Jackson
Further to Toby's post, the OECD report on inequality is worth a careful read. It bolsters, through careful analysis, two key arguments long advanced by the labour movement and progressive economists.
Oct 27, 2011

Understanding the B.C. tax system

Income taxes were first introduced in 1917 as a temporary measure to raise money to finance the First World War. Income tax is still with us almost 100 years later.
Oct 20, 2011

Federal R&D Panel releases report

Toby Sanger
In a week when business lobby groups are calling for more tax breaks, the federal R&D Panel released a very good report saying Canada's generous system of R&D tax incentives hasn't been effective.
Oct 16, 2011

Europe, G20 and financial transactions taxes

Toby Sanger
Thanks mostly to the superb campaigning by international development, poverty and environmental activists, there's been remarkable progress in getting Europe to introduce financial transactions taxes.
Oct 13, 2011

B.C.'s top 1 per cent: Doing fabulous, thank you

Seth Klein
Occupy Wall Street has shone new light on the growing gap between the richest 1 per cent and the rest of us. But that's the U.S. right? Surely, our reality is different, eh? Think again.
Sep 29, 2011

It's time to stop giving money to the rich

Brian Topp
A spectre is haunting Europe -- and the United States. That spectre: the proposition that the time has come to stop borrowing billions of dollars every year in order to give it to rich people.


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