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Teachers deserve public support

Photo: andres musta / flickr
Ontario teachers rallying earlier this year -- they deserve public support. (Photo: andres musta / flickr)

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Chicago teachers' strike is a key battle for U.S. labour movement

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First it was red squares, now red shirts -- Chicago school teachers take action for public education. (Photo: peoplesworld / flickr)

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| September 16, 2014

Tentative agreement between teachers and government in B.C.

Photo: flickr/Rupert Ganzer
A tentative agreement has been reached between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the B.C. government.

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Teachers vote for binding arbitration to end strike

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More than 30,000 B.C. teachers voted "yes" by 99.4 per cent to return to classes -- if the B.C. Liberal government will agree to send to arbitration all the issues except for those related to court decisions.

In announcing the results, BCTF President, Jim Iker, said "Tomorrow morning, custodial staff could be pulling chairs off desks and teachers could be setting up their classrooms. School counsellors could be finalizing time tables. Teachers could be powering up the smart boards. Classes could start this week. Children could be learning."

Iker said "there is a single group of people standing in the way of schools opening their doors tomorrow."


Teachers Teaching Teachers

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 7:00pm


Steelworkers’ Hall
25 Cecil Street
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 24.0768" N, 79° 23' 46.4748" W

Preparing for Tough Negotiations with Jackson Potter, Chief of Staff, Chicago Teachers’ Union

A public meeting organized for Teachers, by Teachers, Rank and File Education Workers of Toronto (REWT), Labour Committee of the GTWA

Underfunding under the guise of 'affordability' in B.C.

Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Affordability is becoming the new buzzword of the B.C. government. But what does affordability mean for a provincial government? And what are the consequences of not investing in education and health?

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| July 9, 2014

To our Anishinaabemowin teachers: We are listening

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Educator and spoken-word poet Taylor Mali often uses the term "Miracle Workers" to describe teachers. Speaking to this term, I couldn't agree more. Teachers are miracle workers who support us and assist us at unbelievably great lengths to help us reach for (and connect to) our futures and realize our dreams.


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