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What's yours is mine: Against the sharing economy

April 29, 2016
| In his recent book, Tom Slee delivers a sharp critique of technology companies like Airbnb and Uber, arguing that these businesses damage rather than serve the interests of communities.
Length: 24:18 minutes (22.26 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Who will win the digital revolution?

April 21, 2016
| A talk by Robert McChesney and John Nichols based on their book "People Get Ready - The Fight Against the Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy."
Length: 1:07:12 minutes (64.14 MB)

Nanotechnology: Too late to regulate?

March 28, 2016
| In this interview, Ilise Feitshans describes how nanotechnology is rewriting the rules of chemistry and calls for internationally harmonized regulation and an informed public.
Length: 29:08 minutes (40.02 MB)
| March 8, 2016
| February 2, 2016
| February 1, 2016
Green Majority Radio

Reclaiming sovereignty

January 8, 2016
| Green Majority Radio spoke to Jeff Mann, an artist who makes car parts into art and about TransCanada's lawsuit against the U.S. government for killing the Keystone XL pipeline.
Length: 54:38 minutes (50.02 MB)
Green Majority Radio

2015 in review

December 25, 2015
| We review a bunch of top 2015 news items (not just environmental stories) and draw conclusions about where the world is going as we reach the end of another year.
Length: 59:20 minutes (54.33 MB)

Vancouver police won't say if they can spy on cellphones

December 2, 2015
| The Vancouver police refuses to confirm or deny that they have the StingRay, a surveillance device that mimics a cellphone tower to gain access to all cellphones in the area.
Length: 13:13 minutes (12.11 MB)

Vancouver group creates app to help refugees find services

November 18, 2015
| A new app developed by the Vancouver organization PeaceGeeks, in partnership with the UNHCR, helps refugees in Jordan find information about the services they need to survive.
Length: 09:51 minutes (9.02 MB)
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