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Time to put the Waffle Manifesto back on the NDP's table

When I was a toddler I recall my parents discussing something called the Waffle. It caught my interest not just because I was raised in a politically charged environment but because it was my favourite breakfast food. 

Back then towering intellects of the left tired with the direction of the NDP took it upon themselves to write a manifesto. When I heard that the Waffle was a manifesto I quickly lost interest, but for those who cared it was an attempt to write out the aims of the NDP as a socialist party.


The Tommy Douglas Institute: Critical Pedagogy and the Citizen-Student – A Just Society is Possible

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 9:30am - 4:00pm


George Brown College, St. James Campus
200 King Street, East
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 3.5424" N, 79° 22' 12.8676" W

The Community Worker Program School of Social & Community Services / School of Liberal Arts & Sciences George Brown College presents The Tommy Douglas Institute: Critical Pedagogy and the Citizen-Student - A Just Society is Possible.

The all-day event of breakout sessions, interactive exhibits, and a closing community forum will open with a keynote address delivered by journalist and social activist, Judy Rebick.

  • Citizenship speaks to the intricate relationship between people and their state. Legal considerations aside, it is a relationship that exists on the principles of shared stakes, mutual well-being, diversity, service, and a common destiny that binds each of us to the other.


The Tommy Douglas Institute: Igniting a commitment to social justice

Photo: Lieut. G. Barry Gilroy/Library and Archives Canada/Wikimedia Commons

"My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent."

- Tommy Douglas, 1951

NDP's big ideas. Right here. Right now.

Photo: flickr/opensourceway

"Dream no little dreams," Tommy Douglas was fond of telling us. As premier of Saskatchewan and leader of the federal NDP, Tommy was true to his words -- delivering the first publicly funded health care system in North America while balancing 17 consecutive budgets.

Decades later, New Democrats are still dreaming big.

In his latest piece, "We need a federal politics of Big Ideas" Tyee and rabble columnist Murray Dobbin rightly points out that successive Liberal and Conservative governments have emptied the federal coffers by doling out billions in wasteful corporate tax giveaways while doing nothing to stop the growing income inequality in our country.


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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of medicare in Saskatchewan

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When medicare was introduced in Saskatchewan in July of 1962, I was six years old and about to start Grade 1. When I look back, I am amazed at how much a child will absorb, remember and learn. Growing up in Saskatchewan during the health-care debates helped shape who I am today.

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