trade agreements

Jun 18, 2015

Free trade agreements enshrine corporate rights

When governments try to protect the environment or promote the local economy, free trade agreements allow companies to sue for billions of dollars for lost profits. Murray Dobbin explains how.
Apr 27, 2013

Film: Troubled Water

A new film by Paul Manly looks at public water systems and watersheds on Vancouver Island and examines the threats they face, from mining activity to fertilizer to international trade agreements.
Jul 18, 2011

TILMA by stealth in Saskatchewan

Erin Weir
The Saskatchewan Party had repeatedly promised not to sign TILMA. But it signed the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) last year.
Jul 16, 2011

TILMA by stealth

Erin Weir
A month ago, Canada's federal, provincial and territorial governments volunteered to be directly sued by investors under the Agreement on Internal Trade.
Sep 23, 2010

Canada and the new protectionism

So long as the world trade system imposes no requirements for balance or mutual benefit, protectionism (official or unofficial) will always make sense for individual countries.


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