Oct 24, 2013
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It is time for a war on the car

Michael Laxer
It is time for a "war on the car" socially and in major urban centres like Toronto especially. The illusion that the patterns of car use that exist in Canada are sustainable is reckless and dangerous.
Aug 19, 2013

The platform of the Toronto Urban Film Festival

Film Festivals in Toronto
The Toronto Urban Film Fest is set to WOW commuters everywhere from Sept. 6-16 (at the same time as TIFF!). We speak with founder Sharon Switzer and filmmaker Adam Zivo about TUFF, and subway movies!

Which way forward for the transit movement in Toronto?

Mar 3, 2012
Steelworkers Hall
25 Cecil Street Toronto (near College and Spadina)
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 23.1192" N, 79° 23' 45.96" W
Ontario CA
Together we can build a movement to defend, expand and protect Toronto public transit against Rob Ford!
Aug 17, 2011

Keep the TTC public -- Part 1

Privatization of public transit around the world has been a disaster for taxpayers and riders. Toronto should avoid TTC public-private partnerships. Narrated by Canadian actor Eric Peterson.
Jan 10, 2011

Raising TTC fares

Eric Mang
Mayor Ford, revealing the 2011 spending plan today, said TTC fares might go up. Don't bet on it.


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