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Book Review
Mar 6, 2014

'Tenir Tête' revisits the Maple Spring

Nora Loreto
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the Maple Spring's most recognizable face, offers a straight-forward account about how the student strike felt from the inside.
Sep 12, 2012
Infographic: Take a Hike! From Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)

Cost of learning growing faster than incomes

Iglika Ivanova
A new report by the CCPA, Eduflation and the High Cost of Learning, shows that the average university tuition bill in Canada has grown three times faster than inflation over the last 20 years.
Sep 12, 2012
Student Day of Action in Toronto. Photo: Frandroid Atreides/Flickr

Ontario's tuition problem

Trish Hennessy
At a time when Ontario's government is promising a transformation of the province's education system, it would be wise to focus on a problem it helped create: the problem of high tuition.
Jun 13, 2012

Exposing the agenda of the Charest government

When student protests first erupted in Quebec, we were told it was all about tuition fees. But as nightly demonstrations continue, it has become clear that students are fighting something bigger.
May 24, 2012
Photo courtesy of Students' Society of McGill University.

Escalator to the bottom: Quebec students refuse the ride

Christopher Majka
Do Quebec student protests stem from an entitlement mentality? Hardly. They represent a refusal to ride the inequality escalator. Faced with maxed out greed, Quebecois students propose an alternative.
Apr 24, 2012
Non à la Hausse! Photo: Stéphanie Amesse/Flickr

Rex Murphy's naive take on the Quebec student protests

Nick Falvo
On CBC's The National last week, Rex Murphy weighed in on Quebec's student protests; he calls the protests "short sighted," and points out that Quebec already has the lowest tuition fees in Canada.
Apr 3, 2012

Using debt for the common good

Could we have a system where public credit was used for public works, and the common good, rather than to generate private profit, and feed corporate greed? Yes, we could.
Feb 28, 2012

Québec students strike over tuition hikes

Eric Martin
There are more than 65,000 students on strike in Québec. Students are walking out of classrooms to reverse the 75 per cent raise in tuition over five years announced in the last provincial budget.
Feb 28, 2012
Photo: Stefan Christoff

Is the Québec student strike a spark?

Stefan Christoff
Tens of thousands of students are on the streets protesting moves by the Québec Liberal government to inflate post-secondary tuition fees by $1,625 in the next five years.
Feb 8, 2012

Quebec students protest tuition hikes

For decades the provincial government in Quebec kept tuition fees low to encourage people to take advantage of post-secondary education. The Charest government plans to reverse this policy.
Jan 30, 2012

Education is a right

Roxanne Dubois
On the eve of the National Student Day of Action, the Canadian Federation for Students calls for access to opportunity and demands that education is a right.


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