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Thousands of Québec students on general strike

Photo: Stefan Christoff
Thousands of students in Québec are protesting tuition fee hikes by the Québec Liberal government.

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A number is never just a number: Child-care costs vs. university tuition

Photo: Skipology/flickr


Average annual cost of child care for a toddler in Ontario in 2012. Compare that to the $7,180 average cost of university tuition fees in Ontario in 2012/13. (Source and source)


'Tenir Tête' takes us back inside the Maple Spring

Photo: flickr/howlmontreal
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the Maple Spring's most recognizable face, offers a straight-forward account about how the student strike felt from the inside.

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'Tenir Tête' revisits the Maple Spring

Tenir Tête

by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
(Lux Éditeur,

In early 2012, student activists, organized through CLASSE, descended upon Cégep Valleyfield. The campus, just West of Montréal, was not known to be a hotbed of progressive activism. It was, however, the site of the first strike vote that would cascade into more than 300,000 Québec students protesting a tuition fee hike by striking from their classes.

The stakes were high and momentum was critical: If Valleyfield students voted against the strike, it would likely mean more failed votes at the cégeps that followed. The Maple Spring hinged on Valleyfield.

CLASSE spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois delivered an impassioned speech that he hoped would tip the balance towards a successful strike vote:


Anti-poverty quilt highlights Ontario's vast economic disparity and backwards priorities

photo: Houselink Community Homes facebook

People living in poverty unveiled a collective art piece more than 175 feet long on the Ontario Government lawn on October 17 to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. They urged the Wynne Government to repair the frayed social safety net.


Photo: Brian Cantoni/flickr
| September 16, 2013
Infographic: Take a Hike! From Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
| September 14, 2012
Infographic: Take a Hike! From Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
| September 12, 2012
Student Day of Action in Toronto. Photo: Frandroid Atreides/Flickr
| September 12, 2012
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