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The tragedy of the First Nations University of Canada

Participants at FNUC's annual pow-wow, March 28 at the Brandt Centre, Regina. Photo: Stephen LaRose.

Given all that's happened over the past five years, it's amazing anybody can still find the time and energy to party. But as the First Nations University of Canada took over Regina's Brandt Centre on the last weekend of March for its annual pow-wow, it was almost possible to avoid thinking about the academic institution's future.

Steven Swan, a member of FNUC's student council, mans an information booth, during what's probably been the most relaxing time he's had during the last semester. That's not saying much, since the council has been an innocent casualty of one of the biggest operational crises in Canadian academic history.


| December 11, 2014
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Student financial aid overly complex, not equal

October 19, 2014
| Jordan Maclaren looked into the intricacies of student aid from province to province across Canada. She found huge variability in grants, parental contributions and debt reduction strategies.
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Leveraging public universities into private profit

In the past 40 years, Boards of Governors and Presidencies at Canadian universities have been stacked with members of the corporate elite, transforming public schools into private corporations.

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