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| July 11, 2016
| June 7, 2014
Veganism: Better for you and better for the planet
| April 28, 2012
| December 20, 2011
The F Word

Should feminists be vegetarian?

December 17, 2011
| Is there a necessary connection between feminism and vegetarianism or veganism? The F Word explores this issue with guests Kathryn Paxton George and Sheri Lucas.
Length: 51:10
The F Word

Objectifying women and sexualizing meat

August 23, 2011
| How are animal rights activism, pornography and the male gaze connected? Meghan Murphy speaks with intellectual and activist Carol J. Adams about the connections between women, meat and the male gaze.
Length: 46:20

Let us celebrate vegetarian living

A walk in the rain in support of changing lifestyles, better health and animal rights.

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People's Health Radio

The great meat debate

April 13, 2011
| People's Health Radio collective members and contributors debate the health impacts of meat-eating versus vegetarianism.
Length: 1:00:28

Toronto vegetarians support local farm sanctuaries walk

The Toronto Vegetarian Association held its first support local farm sanctuaries 'trot-a-thon' fundraiser.

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