Jul 8, 2014
Photo: Rehab Nazzal

Reflections on Invisible: An interview with Rehab Nazzal

Miriam Katawazi
Rehab Nazzal's exhibit 'Invisible' focused on human rights violations in occupied Palestine. The exhibit faced opposition while on display. In this interview Nazzal reflects on the experience.
Aug 19, 2013

The platform of the Toronto Urban Film Festival

Film Festivals in Toronto
The Toronto Urban Film Fest is set to WOW commuters everywhere from Sept. 6-16 (at the same time as TIFF!). We speak with founder Sharon Switzer and filmmaker Adam Zivo about TUFF, and subway movies!
Aug 18, 2013

Solidarity Sunday at the Parkdale Film and Video Showcase

Film Festivals in Toronto
This year the Parkdale Film and Video Showcase included curated films called "ReAct," centred on the topic of sexual violence within city communities. We interview program director Rebecca Gruihn.
Apr 23, 2013

Strange Songs of Trust and Treachery

The new art exhibition by Laura Lamb is part of an extended project in which she builds a fictive world around a set of characters and props she calls Lamb’s Performing Objects.
Aug 12, 2010

Not Rex: Still proud to be Canadian?

Has Canada's reputation as a leader in peacekeeping efforts, human rights, environmental and immigration policy been tarnished by its current government?
Jul 20, 2010

Haiti: Six months on

An Al Jazeera report from Port-au-Prince reveals much of the city looks like it did days before the earthquake.


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