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Feb 27, 2015
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All your wage gap questions answered

Kate McInturff
The wage gap is a thing. It exists. It isn't pretty. It is the face of discrimination. It isn't going to go away if we close our eyes and hold our breath and count to one hundred.
Jan 22, 2015

Who gets paid more in Canada?

Kate McInturff
What would happen with the gender pay gap if the private sector compensation looked more like public sector compensation?
Jan 21, 2015

Canada's pay gap: Who gets paid more?

Kate McInturff
If private sector compensation looked more like public sector compensation, the gender wage gap would narrow, discrimination would diminish, and CEOs would take a pay cut.
Dec 19, 2012
CANSIM Table 202-0104

Gender wage gap hurts economic growth

Angella MacEwen
Women are paid less than men across OECD countries. In Canada, the 'Female to Male earnings ratio' has hovered around the 70 per cent mark for the past 20 years.
Nov 30, 2012
Photo: Lisa Moffatt/Flickr

Implementing Budget 2012: No rest for women

Kate McInturff
The current government's economic policies, being rolled out in a series of omnibus bills and 'administrative changes,' come at a high price to women.


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