war in afghanistan

Sep 7, 2009

Kambakhsh free at long last

Dave Markland
Afghan journalism student Pervez Kambakhsh has finally been released from prison by the Karzai government.
Sep 3, 2009

Now EVERYONE opposes this war

Dave Markland
Polling finds that Americans now oppose the war in Afghanistan. The U.S. thus joins the population of Afghanistan and most troop contributing nations.
Aug 27, 2009

Why the outcome of the Afghan election doesn't matter

Murray Dobbin
The lack of a viable exit strategy for the U.S. is tied directly to the real reason for its invasion and its continued occupation: the need for a pro-U.S. regime to back its geo-strategic goals.
Aug 19, 2009

Rethink Afghanistan (Part 6): Security

The war in Afghanistan is not making Americans or the world safter. It is in fact increasing the likelihood that American civilians will be killed in a future terrorist attack.
Aug 14, 2009

Is the U.S. funding the Taliban?

Dave Markland
Some U.S. officials push the dubious story that Iran is supporting the Taliban. Observers say the Taliban extort money from aid projects.


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