war in afghanistan

May 5, 2009

A peace plank for Ignatieff

A decision by Ignatieff to challenge the Conservative drift toward militarism would do the country -- and the world -- a service, while also making him seem less of an empty vessel.
Apr 24, 2009

Afghan politics: Let's be real

Corruption and Islamic authoritarianism are now effectively enshrined in the constitution and the culture of Afghanistan, courtesy of U.S. foreign policy.
Apr 6, 2009

On Afghanistan: Spare us the hypocrisy

James Laxer
<p>The Bush administration's invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to do with human rights, the rights of women in the family and in the workplace, and the right of girls to attend schools.</p>
Mar 20, 2009

Conservative government vs. free speech

rabble staff
Three days after allowing the war criminal George W. Bush to enter Canada, Immigration Minister Kenney has barred British MP George Galloway, who is due to speak in Toronto Mar. 30.
Mar 11, 2009

The 'mission of folly' continues

As troop numbers are increased and operations expanded in Afghanistan, so are casualities bound to rise in a war that to date has claimed the lives of 112 Canadian soldiers.
Mar 5, 2009

Obama's coalition of the unwilling

Public support for the war in Afghanistan in many NATO countries is eroding. Yet in the U.S., there is scant debate about sending more troops, and about the spillover of the war into Pakistan.

Student assembly against war and racism

Mar 21, 2009 to Mar 23, 2009
Ryerson University Student Centre
55 Gould Street
43° 39' 28.9656" N, 79° 22' 43.3524" W
A pan-Canadian student conference to end the war in Afghanistan


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