war in afghanistan

Dec 9, 2009

More deaths, more denials

Dave Markland
Residents of Laghman province say that a NATO airstrike killed up to 15 civilians.
Dec 8, 2009

Repeating the Russian disaster

Dave Markland
Robert Fisk writes on some uncanny parallels between the current war and the disastrous Russian war of the 80s.
Dec 2, 2009

Obama's Goldilocks plan for Afghanistan

James Laxer
Following two months of lengthy consultations with his national security advisers in the Situation Room, Barack Obama has come up with his plan to handle the so-called "forgotten" war.
Dec 1, 2009

A hero stands up to cowboys

The disregarding of Richard Colvin's warnings is part of a larger problem -- the adoption of a Bush-like War on Terror mentality in the top ranks of our military and government.
Nov 27, 2009

Malalai Joya completes cross-Canada book tour

Derrick O'Keefe
Over the past 15 days, Joya has spoken to big crowds in Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa. On Nov. 25 she addressed 1,000 delegates at the OFL convention.
Book Review
Nov 27, 2009

Malalai's story

Malalai Joya and Derrick O'Keefe
In this excerpt from her biography, Malalai Joya describes her life in Afghanistan, the origins of her name and the reluctance she first felt about writing a book.
Nov 27, 2009

Long live the leakers

This week's Afghan detainee hearings in Ottawa have been a lesson in how useful some actual information can be.
Nov 20, 2009

Canada complicit in torture?

rabble staff
Innocent or not, all detainees transferred by Canadians to Afghan prisons were likely tortured by Afghan authorities, says Canadian official. (Photo: Protectthehuman.com)


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