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| April 11, 2016
| March 15, 2016

Government penny pinching to blame for lead in Flint, Michigan water

February 13, 2016
| In 2014 a state-appointed manager switched the city water supply from the Detroit system to the Flint River in a cost-saving measure. Thousands of Flint residents suffered lead poisoning as a result.
Length: 16:37 minutes (15.22 MB)
| January 19, 2016

75-acre truck parking facility threatens salmon river in south Surrey

December 15, 2015
| The Little Campbell River is the most productive salmon river in the Lower Mainland relative to its size. The river is under threat from a proposed truck parking facility near its banks.
Length: 11:53 minutes (10.89 MB)

Chippewas of the Thames challenge Line 9 reversal in Supreme Court

November 23, 2015
| Enbridge applied to the National Energy Board to reverse the flow of Line 9, a 40-year-old pipeline not designed to carry diluted bitumen. Jane Williams speaks with Myeengun Henry about the challenge.
Length: 09:48 minutes (8.99 MB)
Photo of Grand River at the Elora Gorge by the Grand River Conservation Authorit
| November 14, 2015

Trudeau urged to reject Lake Huron nuclear waste dump

November 12, 2015
| Ontario Power Generation wants to bury low-level nuclear waste at a site just a few hundred metres from Lake Huron, the drinking water supply for 40 million people on both sides of the border.
Length: 17:56 minutes (16.42 MB)

A climate welcome for Justin Trudeau

October 26, 2015
| Thousands of people are planning to converge on 24 Sussex Drive next month to welcome Canada's new PM. They will be bearing gifts from around the country and demanding real action on climate change.
Length: 12:57 minutes (11.87 MB)
| September 29, 2015
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