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Photo: Bert Kaufmann, Flickr Creative Commons, Drought
| March 22, 2015

New B.C. law treats water as resource, not public trust

March 9, 2015
| Last year, the B.C. government introduced the Water Sustainability Act. The legislation will regulate groundwater and measure large-scale water use. Critics says the act is too industry-friendly.
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| January 29, 2015

Organizing against the Energy East pipeline in the Ottawa Valley

January 29, 2015
| Energy East will carry tar sands oil 4,500 km across Canada from Alberta to New Brunswick for export to Europe and Asia.
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Amazon villagers pursue Chevron's assets in Canada

January 28, 2015
| When Chevron bought Texaco in 2001, it inherited its liability for the devastation of Amazon rain forest in the late 1960s. Now Chevron is fighting to avoid paying billions of dollars in damages.
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Photo of Lake Superior by krystalline kraus
| January 26, 2015
Tsal'alh elders in sacred dress
| January 22, 2015
Photo: eggrole/flickr
| December 9, 2014
Photo: Alex Guibord/flickr
| December 8, 2014
| December 2, 2014
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