water privatization

Mar 20, 2014

Happy Bottled Water Free Day!

Emma Lui
On March 19, communities across the country celebrated Bottled Water Free Day. It's a day to call for the protection of the human right to water by standing in support of public water.
Oct 30, 2013

Episode 149: Let's face it, we're scared

rabble radio
Halloween is a time where we can, with good friends around, face some of our fears. In this episode we will hear some scary stuff. Don't worry though, we haven't forgotten the treat.
Mar 12, 2013

The many faces of water privatization in Mexico

Claudia Campero
Most frequently people think of water privatization as the private management of water systems. However water privatization comes in many more different forms.
Oct 15, 2012

P3s: Harper takes Canadians down a risky road

Emma Lui
In today's Globe and Mail article, 'The hidden price of public-private partnerships,' Barrie McKenna highlights the risks of Public-private partnerships.
Jan 30, 2012

Rio+20: Observacoes do Brasil

Brent Patterson
What could be the implications of Rio+20 on our campaigns related to the commons, the human right to water and sanitation, the rights of nature and climate justice approaches to the climate crisis?
Jan 25, 2012

GE and water privatization

Joyce Nelson
In January 2010, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and the World Resources Institute, a Washington-based think-tank, together launched a water "initiative."
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