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Bank with BRICS

Photo: flickr/J R

Celebrations surrounding the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods agreements that created the IMF and the World Bank are low key affairs. It does not help that the U.S. Congress has failed to ratify the most recent agreement to expand the IMF, required to make World Bank resources (tied to IMF borrowing quotas) grow as well.

| July 8, 2014
| March 21, 2014

Stand Up to the World Bank Toolkit

The Bank Information Center (BIC) is an organization specifically devoted to monitoring the World Bank and ensuring it upholds commitments to poverty reduction and programs to target other social issues. BIC is committed to upholding this mandate by working alongside members of civil society.

That's why they produced a multi-part resource for activists, with details on everything from how the World Bank operates to access for information requests, to safeguarding your rights as a member of civil society opposing the institution's policies. 


February 17, 2014 |
Public opinion polls in Costa Rica have shown that a majority of the population opposes mining and the Costa Rican court has repeatedly found against Infinito’s project.

Theary Seng on Cambodia and human rights

August 30, 2013
| Theary Seng talks passionately about the country she loves, Cambodia's future and why human rights should matter to us all.
Length: 52:52 minutes (42.36 MB)

The making of a miracle: How the World Bank came out against coal power

Coal-fired plant in Alberta. (Photo: / flickr)

I stared at my email. I couldn't believe what I was reading. The World Bank would no longer finance coal power generation projects, "except in rare circumstances." The email was from Cathy Orlando, Canada's national manager of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). She was responding to a congratulatory message from Marshall Saunders, CCL's founder.

My head was spinning. As incredible as it seemed, I could not help but wonder how much of a role CCL had on this decision.


Why the World Bank should take its own advice on climate change

The annual UN climate talks are getting underway this week in Doha, Qatar, and so we will be featuring a number of articles looking at the planetary emergency of global warming. Yesterday, Bill Henderson looked at the latest PR offensive from the oil industry and the lack of action by the Canadian government to prevent global warming. For a complete selection of our articles on climate change, check out our Environment issues page here


July 18, 2012 |
It is outrageous that such a damaging mining initiative has the backing of the World Bank, whose mission is to advance real and sustainable development.
| April 11, 2012
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