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More on Hudak's jobs plan and the Conference Board model of corporate tax cuts

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Further to my post yesterday about how the Ontario PCs have vastly overstated their own consultants' estimates of the number of jobs produced by their various policy proposals (including lower corporate taxes, lower electricity prices, interprovincial free trade, and regulatory reduction), some have asked me about precisely how the Conference Board report simulated the corporate tax reduction I was discussing.

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| April 29, 2014

Conference Board of Canada set to unveil Canadian Food Strategy

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As an organization with an active interest in a national food policy for Canada, Food Secure Canada (FSC) has been watching the Conference Board of Canada (CBOC)'s progress on its "Canadian Food Strategy." This work has been under way since 2010.

The CBOC has issued 19 research papers and has held a nationwide consultation process based on an online survey. It has held two national "Food Summits" and, as we go to press, is about to unveil its national food strategy at a third Summit, March 18-19, 2014 in Toronto.

The Conference Board offers the following rationale for the development of its Canadian Food Strategy:


Alison Redford
| January 24, 2013
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