Great War

Nov 17, 2014

What caused the Great War? How about dumb luck?

Mel Watkins
To argue that the First World War was "inevitable," a pre-determined result of some conjuncture of historical forces, is wrong from the very moment of the improbable event that triggered it all.
Nov 14, 2014

Ils se souviennent: France and the Great War

Rod Mickleburgh
As much as we rightly mourned the murders of two young Canadian soldiers last month, this past Remembrance Day inevitably lost some of its focus on the carnage that started it all.
Oct 24, 2014

Thomas Piketty and the Great War

Mel Watkins
What can the author of 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' tell us about the First World War and wealth inequality?
Sep 16, 2014
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Harold Innis goes to war

Mel Watkins
The famous Canadian historian was deeply touched by the First World War and it affected his career and philosophy for the rest of his life.
Aug 7, 2014

How globalization caused the First World War

Mel Watkins
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand may have lit the spark, but the explosion of communications and national presses may have really caused the Great War.
Jul 28, 2014

How 'great' was The Great War?

Mel Watkins
The First World War was certainly a great catastrophe with great suffering. But did it really deserve its pre-Second World War moniker?
Book Review
Jul 24, 2014

Canada went to war. But why?

Stephen Dale
What kind of values really drove a generation of young people to sign up in huge numbers for one of the bloodiest episodes in human history? Stephen Dale examines this question in 'Noble Illusions.'


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