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#ItEndsHere: We live in the spirit of our ancestors

Graphic: Indigenous Nationhood Movement

The #ItEndsHere: Confronting the Crisis of Colonial Gender Violence series originally ran on Indigenous Nationhood Movement.

The history of violence against Indigenous people is woven into the colonization of our Indigenous territories. Our bones and blood make up the fabric of "Canada."

Through the process of âsotamâtowin, (Sacred Agreement/Treaty) and through the power of the oskiciya (the Pipe Stems), our ancestors agreed to share these territories with Euro-Canadian people. The numbered treaties were a result of these negotiations and form the largest landmass in Canada.


Photos: Emergency Toronto #MMIW vigil and rail blockade

Yesterday in Toronto a rail blockade was held in solidarity with Tyendinaga and Shawn Brant and their demands for a full meaningful public inquiry into Canada's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. 

All photos of Emergency Toronto #MMIW Vigil CP Rail Blockade are courtesy of The Indignants and photographer Zach Ruiter. For the complete set of photos please visit The Indignants facebook page.


Photo: flickr/Renegade98
| March 11, 2014

Loretta Saunders' tragic death sparks calls for national inquiry

In the wake of the tragic murder of Loretta Saunders, four NDP MPs, Ryan Cleary, Megan Leslie, Jean Crowder and Romeo Saganash, asked for a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women. They were met with partisanship and empty answers.

Photo: flickr/fox_kiyo
| February 24, 2014 polls

What is behind the promises to First Nations in the 2014 Federal Budget?

The Conservatives' 2014 federal budget promises federally controlled schools for First Nations and trained, cheap labour for the extractive industry instead of providing funds to address the socioeconomic crises that exist on many reserves or implementing Aboriginal, treaty and inherent rights.

What is behind the promises to First Nations in the 2014 Federal Budget?


Imagine going to bed, then waking to find your mother missing

Photo: flickr/Thien V

Imagine it's a normal, autumn evening. You finish your homework and then you kiss your mom goodnight.

You wake up the next morning after sleeping in. Curious to discover why you weren't woken up for school, You enter your mom's room to find an empty bed, sheets untouched. 

At the time, you convince yourself that mom has just gone to run errands. Her car is gone. Her wallet is in the kitchen, but her cellphone is missing. The kitchen door is open slightly.

Off to school, beading a mental wampum as you imagine the story of her disappearance. It can't be anything too serious. She could be anywhere. She could be with anyone.


To our Anishinaabemowin teachers: We are listening

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Educator and spoken-word poet Taylor Mali often uses the term "Miracle Workers" to describe teachers. Speaking to this term, I couldn't agree more. Teachers are miracle workers who support us and assist us at unbelievably great lengths to help us reach for (and connect to) our futures and realize our dreams.


Mi'kmaq Warriors speaking tour seeks solidarity in anti-fracking stuggle

Photo: flickr/howlmontreal
The Mi'kmaq speaking tour describes the ongoing fight against gas fracking in New Brunswick and rising tensions and struggle in B.C. against destructive fossil fuel projects.

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