Idle No More

Dec 4, 2013
Image: wikimedia commons

Indigenous languages crucial to cultural flourishing

Indigenous people have apparently been experiencing the slowest apocalypse in human history. Because over 500 years after Contact, millions of First Peoples continue to exist all over the Americas.
Dec 2, 2013
Idle No More - Rise by Aaron Paquette

Is there a future for Idle No More?

Aaron Paquette
One year after the Idle No More movement took the world by storm, we take a quick look back and wonder, "Where do we go from here?"
Nov 25, 2013
Image: wikipedia commons

Indigenous nationhood is a verb

The smallest actions of resurgence and resistance threaten colonial domination and undo the suppression of Indigenous nationhood. Let's celebrate them!
Nov 15, 2013
Image: Defend Our Coast

Four reasons why the 'Defend' movement has gone viral

Jason Mogus
The "Defend" movement has almost tripled in size in just a week's time because of many reasons, most of which centre on Canadians being united in disgust in the current behaviour of Canada.
Nov 6, 2013
Image: Indigenous Nationhood Movement

For our nations to live, capitalism must die

Glen Coulthard
Glen Coulthard asks how might we move beyond a resurgent Indigenous politic that seeks to inhibit the destructive effects of capital to one that strives to create Indigenous alternatives to it?


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