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'Gender Failure' defies gender rules, roles and assumptions

Gender Failure

by Ivan E. Coyote and Rae Spoon
(Arsenal Pulp Press,

"I had no way to talk about gender. I wasn't allowed to express how uncomfortable it was for me. To resist would have put me in danger, so I kept any subversive thoughts covert. As a person who couldn't conform to what was expected of me, I thought I was a failure and kept it to myself..."


'Letters Lived' captures the personal and political of an activist's journey

Letters Lived: Radical Reflections, Revolutionary Paths

by Edited by Sheila Sampath
(Three O'Clock Press,

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Do you ever wish you could write your teenaged self a letter about what you wished you had known back then?

Letters Lived: Radical reflections, revolutionary paths edited by Sheila Sampath takes this question and poses it to a diverse group of international and cross-generational social justice activists and asks them to answer. The result is a series of candid and powerful letters that discuss the personal and political and the journey in between.


Rae Spoon's First Spring Grass Fire on finding (queer) time

First Spring Fire

by Rae Spoon
(Arsenal Pulp Press,

In his remarkable 2009 text, Cruising Utopia, José Esteban Muñoz fixates on the ways in which queer bodies exist outside of and subvert what he calls “straight time.” Straight time, for Muñoz, is what tells queers that “there is no future but the here and now of our everyday life.” It grounds the fragmentation, suppression, and elision of queer histories, and denies futurity to those not counted under the rubric of a “reproductive majoritarian heterosexuality.”


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