What would a coalition government mean for progressive politics in Canada? | Jan 2 2015 | Brent Patterson | While the federal election is still ten months away, there is already speculation that a likely outcome of the vote on October 19, 2015 is a Conservative minority government that could be displaced by
Preparing for a coalition government debate | Dec 29 2014 | Brent Patterson | Could the outcome of the October 2015 federal election be a minority parliament where the issue of a coalition government becomes the key political question?
Glenn Greenwald talks about "privacy" and "love" | Nov 7 2014 | rabble staff | At a talk held in Ottawa October 25th, Glenn Greenwald responds to an audience member question about privacy and love.
Canadian based delegation to monitor elections and Human Rights in Honduras - Join us! | Sep 7 2013 | Raul Burbano | A delegation from Canadian will be heading to Honduras to support the electoral process and to witness first hand how Canadian investment and trade impacts local communities and human rights.
Solidarity Halifax: Experiments in solidarity | May 29 2013 | Scott Neigh | Brian Crouse talks about Solidarity Halifax -- an experiment in building an organization that is multi-issue, democratic, membership-based, and radical.
Joyce Murray. Photo by David P. Ball
'We can never get electoral reform unless we defeat Stephen Harper': Joyce Murray | Mar 20 2013 | David P. Ball | The Left Coast Post sat down with federal Liberal leadership hopeful Joyce Murray. Here's what she had to say about co-operation, cannabis, climate change -- and Campbell's Cabinet.
A woman looks at Parliament on the cover of the USW Lobbying guide
Lobbying | Mar 11 2013 | Lobbying local government can be an effective way for activists change policy
2013: The year of the democracy coalition | Jan 28 2013 | Murray Dobbin | The Liberals and the NDP don't have to grow their support much to deny Harper a majority but neither of the parties will be strong enough to grab minority status for themselves.
Tories block bill to bring affordable medicine to developing countries | Jan 14 2013 | Redeye Collective | A bill to amend Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime failed to pass in November. The bill was to streamline the process for producers of generic drugs and get low-cost medication to people who need it.
danger: educated union members
Unionizing students | Feb 2 2012 | Resources about how to unionize your university or college
A closeup of someone in a wheelchair with a laptop
Including disability in union work | Feb 2 2012 | This guide highlights how unions can widen their focus to include disability rights
Activist Toolkit weekly roundup: Black history month, disability and union organizing, workshops on patient rights | Feb 2 2012 | Steffanie Pinch | Coalition-building, the International Day of Solidarity for Leonard Peltier, unionizing your university, taking on non-violent street actions, workshops and more!

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Bullet points for electoral coalition. If you support cooperation, do these speak for you? kropotkin1951 said... Well if the Liberal Party was progressive this might make some sense. Of course when a political...
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Desperate Liberals trot out abortion bogey-man simonvallee said... I think the threat is real. That's the way the Conservatives are approaching the social issues...
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African Liberation Month: History as a Weapon of Struggle Maysie said... Hi Ajamu. Thanks so much for this, it's an amazing post. I'm going to move this to "news by the...
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