Left in Love
Jan 23 2015 | Autumn and Fabian share everything from an interest in community gardening to crystals to dessert. Will their common interests kindle a spark? Find out in the latest Left in Love!
Rick Salutin
Jan 23 2015 | The time is always ripe for a dirge led by the literati over the dire downfall of culture wrought by the Internet. The latest is in the New York Times Book Review by Leon Wieseltier.
Amy Goodman
Jan 22 2015 | Growing economic inequality not only hurts the poor, and the working and middle class, but destabilizes society overall. Everyone must have a stake in the state of the union.
Harsha Walia
Jan 21 2015 | Harsha Walia sits down with Glen Coulthard for a wide-ranging conversation about Indigenous nationhood which delves into his powerful premise: that there is no freedom in the settler-colonial state.
Ole Hendrickson
Jan 20 2015 | Imagine a society -- technically advanced, but spiritually impoverished -- that has been taken over by a fire-worshipping cult. Can the world free itself from its domination?
Matthew Behrens
Jan 19 2015 | In the wake of the Paris shootings, as voicing uncomfortable truths becomes increasingly risky, governments get set to introduce more repressive measures that mock freedom of expression.
Rick Salutin
Jan 16 2015 | In the (relative) titillation of seeing public figures drop like bowling pins, it's easy to lose sight of the ball. The ball is CBC management.
Amy Goodman
Jan 15 2015 | Among the world leaders who flocked to Paris to condemn the Charlie Hebdo attacks were some of the worst perpetrators of repression of journalists, all too often Arab and Muslim journalists.
Linda McQuaig
Jan 15 2015 | In the heat of an election year, the time may be right to create sufficient political momentum to put in place a more democratic electoral system based on proportional representation.
Ole Hendrickson
Jan 13 2015 | From a farmer's perspective, it is increasingly evident that neonicotinoids are being used in unacceptable ways. From an environmental perspective, the evidence of harm is overwhelming.
Murray Dobbin
Jan 12 2015 | Canada is a country where a third of citizens believe in Harper's fiscal self-flagellation, in an extremist religion that calls upon us all to deliberately impoverish ourselves. Why?
Ralph Surette
Jan 12 2015 | The issue of public sector contracts is more than about contracts. It's about Nova Scotia's long-term struggle to find peace, order and good government after things went awry.
Rick Salutin
Jan 9 2015 | The slaughter at Charlie Hebdo was aimed at satire, birthed along with journalism in the enlightenment era. More precisely, it was aimed at political cartooning.
Monia Mazigh
Jan 9 2015 | After the deadly attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo, many reduced the event to a confrontation between an armed jihadist and a pen. A simple representation, yet it is powerful and misleading.
Amy Goodman
Jan 8 2015 | This week marks the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the first post-9/11 prisoners to Guantanamo Bay. It's a grim reminder that we need to close the prison and return the land to its owners.