Scott Piatkowski March 9
Scott Piatkowski
I happen to sit on the Executive of the Ontario New Democratic Party (representing Southwestern Ontario), so I was one of the people who had the responsibility of dealing with the not insubstantial m
Duncan Cameron March 9
Duncan Cameron
Somewhere in the archives must be a letter addressed to a new Conservative Prime Minister which says: first, be prime ministerial; second, know where the votes are; and third, remember the party you
Thomas Walkom March 7
Freedom of the press is one of those rights that almost everyone supports. It is constitutionally protected. In general, it is thought to be a good thing. But a controversy bubbling away at a relativ
Linda McQuaig March 6
Having announced his retirement, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein can now be guided by nothing more than his own moral compass. And so, last week, he reached somewhere deep inside himself and found the co
Rick Salutin March 3
Rick Salutin
Brian Mulroney should take a lesson from Wayne Gretzky. When accused without evidence of involvement in illegal sports gambling, Wayne faced the charge, denied it, and took questions. He did so in th
Scott Piatkowski March 2
Scott Piatkowski
First, let's make sure that we get some terminology right. War is not peace. Freedom is not slavery. Ignorance is not strength. And, regardless of what our new Conservative Ministry of Truth says, a
Keith Gottschalk March 2
Keith Gottschalk
It's a weird feeling watching a movie you'd swear was made for you. As I was watching Toronto-based documentarian Albert Nerenberg's latest offering <i>Escape to Canada</i>, the one theme that kept h
Thomas Walkom February 28
Irony is a constant in politics. Since September 11, 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush has deliberately defined the world in the black-and-white, us-versus-them language of his war on terror. Now,
Linda McQuaig February 27
In 1967, ninety-seven nations signed the Outer Space Treaty banning space weapons. While there's been strong international pressure in recent years to toughen that 1967 treaty, the U.S has reversed i
Tricia Hylton February 23
Why has the celebration of Black History Month become such a debate? For me, Black History Month is about celebrating the noteworthy accomplishments of Black Canadians in order to provide our childr
Scott Piatkowski February 23
Scott Piatkowski
During the election campaign, the Conservatives were quite successful in keeping the media away from issues that they didn't want to talk about. They also advised their candidates to avoid giving any
Duncan Cameron February 22
Duncan Cameron
On principle the NDP may find itself quickly aligned against the Conservatives. The NDP has an option, and a good one. Defeat the government as soon as it can make a good case for doing so. But, inst
Thomas Walkom February 22
Medicare may just have dodged another bullet. For months, it looked as if the Quebec government &#151; in response to a controversial Supreme Court ruling last year &#151; would legalize full-scale,
Linda McQuaig February 20
&#147;We are stumped by the failure of our democratic concepts to gain a foothold in the Arab world,&#148; wrote Michael Bell, a former Canadian ambassador to Israel, in <i>The Globe and Mail</i> las
Rick Salutin February 17
Rick Salutin
I have two problems with sports shrinks. Like other results-based exercises, such as dating services and negative campaign ads, they work except when they don't. Sports shrinks used to teach athletes
Scott Piatkowski February 16
Scott Piatkowski
Perhaps the story might be garnering more media attention if it involved a semen-stained blue dress, but there is growing public support in the United States for the notion that George W. Bush should
Thomas Walkom February 14
Stephen Harper must be amused. For years, the know-it-alls have been telling him to jettison the ideological principles of his old Reform party and opt for pragmatism. But now that he has revealed hi
Linda McQuaig February 13
As we revel in our commitment to free speech, we barely seem to notice the limited range of things we actually discuss with all this free speech. Take the question: Why are there so many suicide bomb
Rick Salutin February 10
Rick Salutin
A week ago, I'd not have guessed that the response among Muslims to those Danish cartoons, and the response to their responses, would still be escalating. What accounts for it? Let me suggest it's no
Keith Gottschalk February 9
Keith Gottschalk
I wonder how many Canadians who pay attention to the goings-on in Washington wonder why stronger measures aren't being taken or investigations launched in the question of illegal electronic surveilla
Scott Piatkowski February 9
Scott Piatkowski
To all of those people in Vancouver Kingsway who voted Liberal to &#147;stop the Conservatives,&#148; I bet you all feel pretty damned foolish right now. Really, that categorization should extend to
Jerry West February 8
Jerry West
The contradiction between the vast majority of Canadians who wish a progressive, socially liberal society and the radical and regressive conservatives who make up a significant portion of Stephen Har
Thomas Walkom February 7
A Vancouver businessman is preparing to open three medical clinics in Ontario where he'd charge patients at least $2,300 a year &#151; before they could even see one of his doctors. Ontario Health Mi
Linda McQuaig February 6
There was an almost audible sigh of relief in many parts of the country when Stephen Harper was denied a majority government. After all, how much damage can even an earnest right-wing ideologue do wi
Rick Salutin February 3
Rick Salutin
There are more signs of the spread of the dread judging disease to Canada. (<i>Canadian Idol</i> was the first symptom.) <i>The National Playlist</i>, now on CBC-Radio daily, has judges who propose a
Scott Piatkowski February 2
Scott Piatkowski
The Liberals are searching for scapegoats for their historic defeat in our recent federal election (historic in that it represented their second lowest share of the popular vote since 1867), but they
Duncan Cameron February 1
Duncan Cameron
This is the point in the short history of the Canadian Conservative party when it must decide its fate. It can realize the dreams of its leader, inherited from Preston Manning and father Ernest C. Ma
Thomas Walkom January 31
Stephen Harper wants to refashion the country. It is his big idea, his theme. On the one hand, he wants to radically decentralize power and taxing authority so that the federal government no longer p
Linda McQuaig January 30
Right-wing commentators routinely insist that Canada is a nation in decline, that we no longer command respect on the international stage. Beefing up our military spending is their usual solution. In
Keith Gottschalk January 29
Keith Gottschalk
As I write this, it's Tuesday morning January 24, 2006 and lo and behold, the sun came out today. Well, at least here in the States. So don't despair; you still live in Canada and Stephen Harper, des