Emily Hill
Nov 2 2009 | Attending protests may have more serious consequences for activists if proposed changes to the Identification of Criminals and the sentencing provisions in the Criminal Code are passed.
Ralph Surette
Nov 2 2009 | An elaborate "state of the coast" report is ready to go to cabinet in Nova Scotia, with the end result being a new coastal strategy. Some, however, worry that the whole thing is still in drift mode.
Rick Salutin
Oct 30 2009 | Being shallow and exploitative isn't as easy as it looks at the U.S. cable networks on which CBC's news makeover is modelled. If it isn't your game, you really shouldn't play it.
Amy Goodman
Oct 29 2009 | U.S. Army Reserve Spc. Chancellor Keesling died in Iraq from "a non-combat related incident," according to the Pentagon. He was just one in what is a record year for suicides in the U.S. military.
Am Johal
Oct 28 2009 | Am Johal interviews Dr. Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, about Canada's stake in the North and his new book, Who Owns the Arctic?
Duncan Cameron
Oct 27 2009 | Canada has the most right-wing government of the Western liberal democracies. For some years we have had the most right-wing media, with only the Toronto Star for balance.
Ralph Surette
Oct 26 2009 | This week's byelection results are another signal of how deeply things have changed in Nova Scotia. Not only is the NDP still gaining, but this would have been nearly unthinkable a short while ago.
Rick Salutin
Oct 23 2009 | H1N1 looks like it will be mild if widespread. But the clowns -- pardon, experts -- seem to have had a shot of PR that causes them to try to sound clear and decisive even if they're totally at sea.
Alice Klein
Oct 23 2009 | The run-up to the Copenhagen Climate Conference, which will decide the planet's carbon future, isn't just whipping up supporters. Climate deniers are swinging into action as well.
Murray Dobbin
Oct 22 2009 | Prime Minister Stephen Harper has tossed the Canadian taxpayer a ticking time bomb. Why? So that he can maintain the fiction that he is a good economic manager and win a majority in the next election.
Amy Goodman
Oct 21 2009 | Halloween is around the corner, and children will soon be chanting "trick or treat," their demand for candy backed up by the threat of a prank. Climate-change activists are doing the same.
Jerry West
Oct 21 2009 | Donella Meadows co-authored a study, The Limits To Growth, which dealt with problem of a growing world population and a finite resource base, a problem that even today many refuse to acknowledge.
Duncan Cameron
Oct 20 2009 | An increase in anti-government attitudes is a more widespread outcome of the rescue of financial capitalists at least in the U.S.Does the financial crisis offer new, and better prospects for the left?
Linda McQuaig
Oct 20 2009 | Banks and securities firms are on track this year to pay their employees a record $140 billion -- an amount that exceeds the peak year of 2007, just before they put the global economy into meltdown.
Ralph Surette
Oct 19 2009 | The Harper government is trying to rush the passage of a new agreement that could give European nations, which continue to overfish cod on the Grand Banks, a say in how Canada's fisheries are managed.