Murray Dobbin May 9
There's no lie like a Big Lie. And as happens so often, the big lies — those repeated over and over again — pay big dividends. This has seldom been more true than the current election and t
Linda McQuaig May 9
If Canada has loomed large on the international stage it's because we've occasionally captured the global imagination with a powerful idea for making the world a better place. One inspiring moment of
Rick Salutin May 6
Rick Salutin
I'm muttering about a nasty piece on Nancy Olivieri in the current <i>Maclean's</i>, based on a new book on the medical-ethics case. The book relies mainly &#147;on unnamed sources and anonymous quot
Scott Piatkowski May 5
Scott Piatkowski
Last week, Stephen Harper called the budget deal reached between NDP Leader Jack Layton and Prime Minister Martin &#147;the most disgraceful thing I've seen in all my years on Parliament Hill.&#148;
Duncan Cameron May 4
Duncan Cameron
The NDP/Liberal budget initiative promises $4.6 billion in new spending, which sounds like a lot of money. But in February alone the budget surplus was about $5.8 billion. So, one month's surplus ca
Jerry West May 4
Jerry West
If a society does not believe that its government exists for the well-being of the people, then the government is merely reduced to something little more than a gang of crooks with a mandate to steal
Thomas Walkom May 3
At a luncheon hosted by the Fraser Institute, Stephen Harper said a plan to gut medicare, floated recently by Preston Manning and Mike Harris, was both na&#195;&#175;ve and misguided. He's now announ
Linda McQuaig May 2
The NDP leader has forced the Liberals to redirect almost $5 billion of our money &#151; which would otherwise end up as a windfall in corporate coffers or sunk into needless debt reduction &#151; in
Heather Mallick May 1
How delighted I was to hear that the morning-after pill will now be available across Canada without intervention of doctor's no-appointments-until-July office, doctor herself and her scrawled prescri
Rick Salutin April 29
Rick Salutin
This has been TV Turnoff Week (&#147;Turn off TV &#151; Turn on Life,&#148; goes the slogan). And if that's not irritating enough, from the other side of the debate, the Sunday <i>New York Times</i>
Scott Piatkowski April 28
Scott Piatkowski
The Liberals are the screensaver of Canadian politics. The Conservatives are the virus attachments in your e-mail inbox. The Bloc Quebecois is like pop-up ads. Instead of reporting on elections as
Murray Dobbin April 27
There are many things for which we can condemn the Liberal Party of Jean Chr&#195;&#169;tien and Paul Martin. Right now the one that comes to mind is the tragic possibility that their apparent corrup
Duncan Cameron April 27
Duncan Cameron
With NDP Leader Jack Layton announcing an offer from Prime Minister Paul Martin on budgetary spending he could accept, the news is no longer just that the NDP is making news. The news is that the NDP
Thomas Walkom April 26
We are fixated on the drama of Paul Martin's Liberals. Can the Prime Minister last until December? Or will he be toppled next month? Are there new revelations in store from the Gomery inquiry? If so,
Linda McQuaig April 25
While the Gomery issue built to a crescendo last week, hardly any attention was paid to the release of a defence policy review that signalled Ottawa's intention to make the Canadian military more par
Heather Mallick April 24
There has been a sea change in how we get our knowledge of the world and the means to interpret it. And no, I don't mean cable TV and BlackBerrys. I mean non-fiction instead of novels, and documentar
Rick Salutin April 22
Rick Salutin
Really. What <i>is</i> so scary about relativism? After all, it isn't even all that relative. As Bertrand Russell once explained in his posh British way, &#147;If <i>everything</i> were relative, the
Scott Piatkowski April 21
Scott Piatkowski
In 1993, the Liberal Red Book (which Paul Martin, who was then on speaking terms with Jean Chr&#195;&#169;tien, co-wrote) promised to &#147;cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2005.&#148;
Jerry West April 20
Jerry West
The April 18 edition of the <i>New York Times</i> contained an editorial by Bob Herbert titled &#147;A Radical in the White House.&#148; Contrary to what one's first impression might be, the piece i
Thomas Walkom April 19
Preston Manning and Mike Harris have published a manual entitled <i>Canada Strong and Free</i>. Only the section dealing with medicare is fleshed out. Manning and Harris want to get rid of universal,
Linda McQuaig April 18
A horse's head has yet to be found in anyone's bed, but in some ways the Liberal party has been doing a surprisingly good impersonation of the mob. So the desire for an immediate election is understa
Heather Mallick April 17
&#147;Everyone's so depressed,&#148; a friend said to me recently. Here's what helps: books, music, friends, friends' children, food, laughter. Rufus Wainwright made two new CDs, and I listened in a
Rick Salutin April 15
Rick Salutin
Pardon me but I won't join in the hand-wringing about &#147;cynicism&#148; arising from the Gomery-sponsorship nexus. The NDP's Bill Blaikie warns of &#147;a very real danger that it increases cynici
Scott Piatkowski April 14
Scott Piatkowski
&#147;Paul Martin is the wire brush that will scrub clean this stain on Canadian politics,&#148; says Scott Reid, official spokesperson for Prime Minister Paul Martin. Once you're done shaking your h
Murray Dobbin April 14
The free trade deals of the 1980s were a leap of faith. We took the leap and have been paying ever since. We suffer constant trade harassment. We lost 280,000 of our best jobs, forever. We &#147;rest
Naomi Klein April 13
Naomi Klein
Last month, George Bush delivered a major address on his plan to fight terrorism with democracy in the Arab world. On the same day, McDonald's launched a massive advertising campaign urging Americans
Thomas Walkom April 12
People in Ontario are sick of the federal Liberals and would like to find some other party they can vote for. And while I suspect that few actively dislike Paul Martin, I'm also picking up a feeling
Linda McQuaig April 11
I've never been to journalism school, but I can imagine what must go on there. Judging from the coverage of the Pope's death, I assume that aspiring media types are taught that one of the key functio
Heather Mallick April 10
I've read Franz Kafka's <i>The Trial</i> twice and still can't warm to it. Josef K is on trial, for what crime he doesn't know and neither do the judges. It has mystified me but my mystification ende
Rick Salutin April 8
Rick Salutin
If you can't do something bigger, then you try to at least attend it; that's why people flock to events they hope will be historic. Yet, it rarely seems to work. You always must get on to the next bi