Duncan Cameron
Jun 23 2009 | Quebec celebrates its national holiday on June 24, and the French language is the hero of the party. The origins of La Saint-Jean as a national event go back 175 years.
Rick Salutin
Jun 19 2009 | Today, you say coalition and many Canadians shudder. But a day will come when they will merely shrug because, after all, it's only democratic and not to tremble over. There is a time and tide.
Alice Klein
Jun 18 2009 | The exam is on the economy, and Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper are both way off the mark. It isn't just how much we spend; it's what we get for our money that will make all the difference.
Jerry West
Jun 17 2009 | If we hope to have any decent future for our grandchildren and their grandchildren, we will have to change the way we live.
Linda McQuaig
Jun 16 2009 | Lisa Raitt's taped comments raise questions about what role the banks may have played in nixing the coalition, and also what power they wield over the severely financially strapped Liberal party.
Duncan Cameron
Jun 16 2009 | Newly elected NDP premier Darrell Dexter was reported as being concerned about the size of the Nova Scotia government deficit. What should we fear from deficits?
Wayne MacPhail
Jun 15 2009 | This weekend thousands of Twitterati, flooded with live Twitter feeds from Iran, switched on CNN to see video of the protests. Instead they got a rerun of Larry King learning about motorcycles.
Rick Salutin
Jun 12 2009 | In baseball, the balance had gone awry, as it has in the economy. It was separating the numbers from the human realities that led to the debacle.
Amy Goodman
Jun 10 2009 | Ken Saro-Wiwa and Alberto Pizango never met, but they are united by a passion for the preservation of their people and their land and by the fervour with which they were targeted by their governments.
Wayne MacPhail
Jun 10 2009 | Amazon's new e-book reader, the Kindle DX, has been heralded as the saviour of newspapers. But its success will depend on an uninformed consumer willing to be duped into giving up rights.
Duncan Cameron
Jun 9 2009 | Canadians are not about to see a federal election. Neither partner in the informal Liberal-Conservative alliance that dominates the House of Commons has a reason to provoke an election.
Steve Anderson
Jun 8 2009 | With the world economy in a slump, now is the time to mandate Net neutrality and open access, and to replicate municipal ISP models that work in cities and towns across Canada.
Jim Stanford
Jun 8 2009 | Canadian companies have been content with raking in profits from commodities and other less creative activities, rather than pro-actively embracing innovation as a business strategy.
Jessica Yee
Jun 5 2009 | As a Kanionke:haka woman, a Mohawk woman, who belongs to the Haudenosaunee people and as a young person who is part of the next seven generations, I am on the side of the land, of Mother Earth.
Rick Salutin
Jun 5 2009 | Obama quoted from the Koran, the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, implicitly challenging those who think they have sole possession of revealed truth. For a speech, it went as far as it could go.