Wayne MacPhail
Aug 19 2009 | Myrcurial and think|haus are part of the maker movement in Canada. Makers love McGyver, old copies of Popular Science and the chance to breathe new life into consumer electronics.
Duncan Cameron
Aug 18 2009 | New Democrats from across Canada meeting this past weekend in Halifax were challenged by incoming party president Peggy Nash to build momentum for the next federal election.
June Chua
Aug 17 2009 | In a town where politics rules, textile artist Gabe Thirlwall has made a name making puppets of politicians. Big sellers are party leaders: Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper.
Ralph Surette
Aug 17 2009 | I accuse the criminology profession and the whole "liberal" side of the argument of stifling a proper debate on youth crime, in particular, by swallowing flawed statistics.
Rick Salutin
Aug 14 2009 | It is awfully tempting -- painfully so -- to feel superior to the United States over its national debate, and I use the term irresponsibly, on health-care reform. But give Americans their due.
Alice Klein
Aug 13 2009 | I seek out Canadian economist Jeff Rubin to get beyond the ABCs now that "U," "V" and the dreaded double-dipping "W" are no longer letters but the shapes of predicted economic recovery.
Ralph Surette
Aug 12 2009 | How we count things up says a great deal about us. The GDP is like a household that counts only its income and ignores expenses, debts, what the kids need and myriad other things.
Amy Goodman
Aug 12 2009 | Imagine the scene. America 2009. Eighteen thousand people have died in one year, an average of almost 50 a day. Who's taking them out? What's killing them? It's lack of adequate health care.
Linda McQuaig
Aug 11 2009 | The right in Canada, like its American counterpart, has discouraged the public from trusting government to provide public services, so that the private sector can provide them instead at a profit.
Duncan Cameron
Aug 11 2009 | How about calling ourselves the "Democratic Party" instead of the New Democratic Party? That is one of the questions the NDP will address at its upcoming Halifax convention.
Rick Salutin
Aug 7 2009 | New insights don't require new texts or even the word "new." Which brings us to the proposal for the New Democratic Party to gain a new look by dropping the word, new, from its name.
Amy Goodman
Aug 5 2009 | Though Barack Obama first called the Honduran military's removal of President Manuel Zelaya a coup, his administration has backpedaled. Could lobbyists in Washington be forging U.S. foreign policy?
Duncan Cameron
Aug 4 2009 | According to the Bank of Canada, down is up. What most people see as an economy in decline conceals a "nascent" recovery, with real growth starting in the last six months of this year.
Steve Anderson
Aug 3 2009 | There was something different in the air this time -- the July CRTC hearing on traffic management (a.k.a net neutrality) had a dynamism to it that seemed foreign to the walls that contained it.
Naomi Klein
Jul 31 2009 | Palin was the last clear expression of capitalism-as-usual before everything went south. She showed us -- in that plainspoken, down-homey way of hers -- the trajectory the U.S. economy was on.