Tricia Hylton
Mar 11 2010 | The Toronto Star's 2010 investigative report series on racial profiling proved the black community's fears. Time for an apology, right officer?
Alice Klein
Mar 11 2010 | Wow. A federal budget and an Ontario Speech from the Throne in the same week. A veritable feast of political divination is being offered up in these parts.
Linda McQuaig
Mar 10 2010 | The condemnation of Israeli Apartheid Week by the Ontario legislature suggests that this may be the beginning of a broader attempt to clamp down on criticism of Israel.
Amy Goodman
Mar 10 2010 | An unusual trial begins in Israel this week, and people around the world will be watching closely. It involves the tragic death of a 23-year-old American student named Rachel Corrie.
Jerry West
Mar 10 2010 | The balance between organisms that has provided the ecosystem that maintains life as we know it, has been seriously disrupted.
Linda McQuaig
Mar 9 2010 | We've entered into another era of deficit hysteria, with governments and the business community making deficit elimination their top priority and shunting aside almost every other goal.
Duncan Cameron
Mar 9 2010 | Canada's Conservative government, that does not believe in government, has a plan to reduce public services.
Ralph Surette
Mar 8 2010 | It took a spectacular eruption of pent-up exasperation, but it finally struck home. When it did, last Tuesday, MLAs had trimmed off up to a million dollars a year in annual allowances.
Murray Dobbin
Mar 8 2010 | For the first two weeks of March, Palestine's supporters around the world focus public attention on Israel's continued brutal occupation of the West Bank and its even more vicious siege of Gaza.
Rick Salutin
Mar 5 2010 | Rick Salutin takes on the Spartacus of SeaWorld, embracing our stereotypes, and the speech from the throne.
Naomi Klein
Mar 4 2010 | A distasteful column in the Wall Street Journal tells readers that thanks largely to Milton Friedman, Chile "endured a tragedy that elsewhere would have been an apocalypse."
Amy Goodman
Mar 3 2010 | March is Women's History Month, recognizing women's central role in society. Unfortunately, violence against women is epidemic in the United States and around the world.
Steve Anderson
Mar 3 2010 | If politicians and policy craft a vision and plan for our digital economy, Canada could become a leader in mobile communications leading to new forms of entrepreneurialism and social change.
Duncan Cameron
Mar 2 2010 | Michael Ignatieff did a well publicized tour of Canadian Universities. Judging from the list of 40 speakers he invited to address the upcoming Liberal thinkers conference he was not impressed.
Ralph Surette
Mar 1 2010 | Finance Minister Graham Steele is doing the rounds, consulting the public on what to do in the upcoming budget to stave off a brutal rise in deficits and debt.