Wayne MacPhail
Apr 29 2009 | What does journalism cost? That's a question that's being batted around a lot lately as the economic case for and against traditional newsrooms gets made in the press and on the Web.
Amy Goodman
Apr 29 2009 | Obama assured the CIA that he will not prosecute those who followed the instructions to torture from the Bush administration. Congress might not agree with this leniency.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 28 2009 | Coming out of Vancouver, with the choice for leader ratified by delegates, the Liberals will be looking for the right time to bring down the Conservative government, and force an election.
Jessica Yee
Apr 28 2009 | Savage. Squaw. Indian. Would we all agree that these are immensely derogatory names that should not be, in this day and age, still used to geographically locate places?
Alice Klein
Apr 27 2009 | It's auto showdown time. I'm hoping both union leaders and CAW members will be employing some new thinking as they truck on through the political and economic minefield ahead.
June Chua
Apr 27 2009 | If you've ever doubted the merits of journalism or the need for investigative reporting, plan to attend the screening of Reporter at this year's Hot Docs festival in Toronto.
Rick Salutin
Apr 24 2009 | There is something precious and virginal about the torture debate in the United States. As if that nation never knew torture before the shock of 9/11, and had to play catch-up.
Murray Dobbin
Apr 24 2009 | Corruption and Islamic authoritarianism are now effectively enshrined in the constitution and the culture of Afghanistan, courtesy of U.S. foreign policy.
Amy Goodman
Apr 22 2009 | George W. Bush insisted that the U.S. did not use torture. But the four Bush-era memos released last week by the Obama administration's Justice Department paint a starkly different picture.
Jerry West
Apr 22 2009 | President Barack Obama speaks of growth in positive terms, as does Premier Gordon Campbell and NDP Leader Carole James. Continuous economic growth, of course, is rooted in the fantasy of cornucopia.
Linda McQuaig
Apr 21 2009 | In demanding wage concessions of up to $19 an hour, auto company executives and the Harper government are hoping to deflect public anger for the economic meltdown onto those who assemble cars.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 21 2009 | By cutting back on journalists, and deeming news reporting expendable, our newspapers got themselves in trouble, but Canada loses also.
Jim Stanford
Apr 20 2009 | The auto industry is in crisis around the world, due to an unprecedented collapse in sales. Only in Canada and the United States have governments made auto assistance contingent on union concessions.
Rick Salutin
Apr 17 2009 | Newspapers are crucial to any benefits that accrue through new technologies. They can be supplemented by alternate sources but not replaced, and there's a great public benefit to be reaped.
Amy Goodman
Apr 16 2009 | <p>As Barack Obama appeared with Turkish President Abdullah Gul as part of his first trip to a Muslim country, U.S. federal agents were preparing to arrest Youssef Megahed in Florida.</p>