Scott Piatkowski June 9
Scott Piatkowski
I've heard both media commentators and voters at the doorstep say, “The NDP may have the policies that people want, but they can't win.” Well, why can't they win? It's because people who ag
Duncan Cameron June 8
Duncan Cameron
The next PQ leader is not expected to have the wisdom of Solomon, or the leadership ability of Moses — only the ability to do what the others could not do: Make Quebec a sovereign country. With
Keith Gottschalk June 8
Keith Gottschalk
It would be incorrect to say that fear stalks America. But fear permeates the American psyche, largely because the government and its allies in the media have done a systematic job of injecting fear
Thomas Walkom June 7
For whom do Canada's national security agencies work? In theory, the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service answer to the federal government and through it to the Canadian people. But the RC
Linda McQuaig June 6
&#147;Anybody who has lived in Europe knows how delicious European life can be.&#148; So wrote <i>New York Times</i> columnist David Brooks last week. He got that part right. Not only do the European
Heather Mallick June 5
The detestable French President Jacques Chirac made a howler on May 31. It was Pentecost, a public holiday, and he cancelled it. Canadians would grumble and go to work. France gave Mr. Chirac the col
Rick Salutin June 3
Rick Salutin
What was most interesting about the Watergate years in the U.S.? Not, I'd argue, the saga of two young reporters taking down a president with the help of a secret source. After all, little changed; s
Scott Piatkowski June 2
Scott Piatkowski
The week of June 5 to 11 is Environment Week in Canada. A big part of that week is the annual Commuter Challenge, which encourages Canadians to cycle, walk or take public transit to work or school &#
Murray Dobbin June 2
Two weeks ago, a group of self-appointed guardians of Canada's well-being released their final report on &#147;The Future of North America.&#148; The taskforce that wrote it is promoting some extrem
Jerry West June 1
Jerry West
The Spanish explorer Rodrigo de Jerez was one of the first recorded Europeans to take up the habit of smoking. Returning to Spain from Cuba, he was imprisoned by the Inquisition; people thought he wa
Thomas Walkom May 31
Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government is killing birds again. The doomed birds are cormorants. The purported reason for the killing is that cormorants are wrecking the habitat &#151; killing t
Linda McQuaig May 30
A 22-year-old prisoner at a U.S. detention centre in Afghanistan died in 2002 after being chained by his wrists to the top of his cell for four days and beaten. During his interrogations, the prisone
Heather Mallick May 29
Does child-dislike stem from jealousy? Or is it a result of our ever-present dislike of women, those &#147;whores&#148; and &#147;pretty dipsticks&#148; who dare to demand more? Anything born of woma
Rick Salutin May 27
Rick Salutin
Watching the NBA playoffs, I felt I already knew one winner: the Harlem Globetrotters. Why? Because pro basketball in North America has become, along with whatever else it is, <i>Showtime</i>. The G
Scott Piatkowski May 26
Scott Piatkowski
Since, mercifully, Parliament isn't sitting this week, I thought I should take the opportunity to pose a few questions to our politicians (current and former). Here's a sample: <b>A question for Cons
Duncan Cameron May 25
Duncan Cameron
The leading role in last week's of high parliamentary drama was taken by Conservative leader, Stephen Harper. He demanded a vote of confidence, but failed to get a parliamentary majority against the
Keith Gottschalk May 25
Keith Gottschalk
The Earth-shaking steps that Belinda Stronach took across the Commons' floor last week were unheard south of the border. Any editor should have realized that the story met many of the requirements of
Thomas Walkom May 24
For Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, the dramatic confidence vote in the Commons last Thursday was more than a defeat. It was a disaster. Harper has been focusing single-mindedly on bringing down
Linda McQuaig May 23
By crossing the floor, Belinda Stronach &#151; hero or political whore, depending on your perspective &#151; allowed the budget to survive. With the extra $4.6 billion in social spending insisted on
Heather Mallick May 22
The historian Simon Schama wrote about the difference between American and British elections. &#147;After the messianic acclaim and the stifling sanctimoniousness of American politics, getting back t
Murray Dobbin May 22
For all the talk of a dysfunctional House of Commons, what has transpired over the past few weeks is precisely the opposite. Oh, to be sure, for Bay Street, newspaper editors, hysterical right wing p
Rick Salutin May 20
Rick Salutin
Belinda's dad, Frank, ran as a Liberal in the '88 free-trade election. He said free trade would be good for his company but bad for the country, so he opposed it; but if it passed, he'd make lots of
Duncan Cameron May 19
Duncan Cameron
The B.C. election was the Liberals to lose, and they almost did. The NDP took 31 seats away from them. The unpopularity of Premier Gordon Campbell, and the desire to keep him away from protesters, me
Scott Piatkowski May 19
Scott Piatkowski
After the drubbing he took following last year's provincial budget, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty probably thinks he got away with something last week. But, by officially adopting the Harrisites' v
Naomi Klein May 17
Naomi Klein
I recently caught a glimpse of the effects of torture in action at an event honouring Maher Arar. The Syrian-born Canadian is the world's most famous victim of &#147;rendition,&#148; the process by w
Linda McQuaig May 16
Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, campaigned against the &#147;public-private partnerships&#148; or P3s, introduced by his Conservative predecessors, Mike Harris and Ernie Eves. But, apparently succu
Heather Mallick May 15
It has finally happened, this thing against which great women and men fought so hard and with such distinction. General Charles de Gaulle led it &#151; after the war was over, oddly enough &#151; wit
Rick Salutin May 13
Rick Salutin
Look at the Martin-Layton deal: It provides childcare, housing, urban relief, and a balanced budget &#151; exactly what voters say they want! Finally they get it &#151; and Parliament is dysfunctiona
Scott Piatkowski May 12
Scott Piatkowski
Steve Nash, just recognized as the National Basketball Association's Most Valuable Player, is someone who deserves our admiration, not just because of his inspired play on the court, but because of t
Duncan Cameron May 11
Duncan Cameron
Next Tuesday is Election Day in British Columbia. In one corner is the Gordon Campbell government. It is a coalition of the right, formed out of the remains of the Social Credit party (led into disgr