Naomi Klein
Sep 9 2009 | It's ironic that TIFF's Tel Aviv programming is being called a spotlight because celebrating that city in isolation -- without looking at Gaza -- actually obscures far more than it illuminates.
Amy Goodman
Sep 9 2009 | Glenn Beck may claim a notch in his belt, but he's also helped push Van Jones back into an arena where he can be much more effective, as a grassroots organizer working for progressive change.
Jerry West
Sep 9 2009 | Fox News and their ilk would like the world to believe that gatherings of tea-baggers protesting President Obama represent a grassroots uprising. They are nothing of the sort.
Duncan Cameron
Sep 8 2009 | What economics has to offer is rich and varied. What has to be avoided is what did in the American profession, and is always a threat to any academic pursuits: conformity to prevailing norms.
Linda McQuaig
Sep 8 2009 | No one questions the zeal of Canadian authorities in ensuring that ordinary folks pay every cent of their taxes. Yet the government doesn't appear to be equally zealous when it comes to the rich.
Ashifa Kassam
Sep 7 2009 | In an age where Americans -- rightly or wrongly -- are declaring themselves to be post-racial, Canada's foreign policy has become increasingly insular, inhumane and racialized.
Ralph Surette
Sep 7 2009 | Grumbling to the contrary, Michael Ignatieff has done the right thing -- or at the very least, the necessary thing -- by threatening to pull the plug on the Conservative minority government.
Rick Salutin
Sep 4 2009 | In general, I think media coverage of the Michael Bryant affair and the death of bicycle courier Darcy Allan Sheppard has served us well. But there's one element that irritates me severely.
Steve Anderson
Sep 3 2009 | Which is more engaging: reading an article in a newspaper or talking about it with a friend afterwards? This is what media producers should ask as they navigate the current crisis in journalism.
Amy Goodman
Sep 2 2009 | Genuine citizen action, in the U.S. and beyond, will be critical to counter industry influence over the Copenhagen climate talks.
Duncan Cameron
Sep 1 2009 | Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, the forerunner to the NDP, had no doubts about its economics.
Am Johal
Aug 31 2009 | Dr. Claudia Kissling, a member of the Committee for a Democratic UN, has been leading the movement to establish an elected World Assembly -- a new global platform for citizens.
Rick Salutin
Aug 28 2009 | I don't see why culture is about values at all, much less core values. There is often something covertly anti-democratic in asserting core values, and sometimes something implicitly racial too.
Amy Goodman
Aug 26 2009 | It looked like it was business as usual for President Obama on the first day of his Martha's Vineyard vacation, as he spent five hours golfing with Robert Wolf, president of UBS Investment Bank.
Jerry West
Aug 26 2009 | My greatest source of amusement the past few weeks has been watching a lot of Americans act like gullible idiots on the health care issue.