Jim Stanford
Jul 19 2011 | The Harper government is about to substantially increase Canada's national economic "exposure" to Europe, at the very moment when financial advisers recommend we head in the other direction.
Murray Dobbin
Jul 18 2011 | The New Democrats cannot do politics as usual in order to oust this misanthrope of a prime minister from power. They need to boldly build a movement of social justice as well as run a party.
Rick Salutin
Jul 15 2011 | Can we declare a moratorium on Canadian Schadenfreude over Rupert Murdoch and his British tabs? They deserve what they're getting and more. But it tends to conceal the mote in our own eye.
Ellen Russell
Jul 14 2011 | Neoliberalism's genius is its ability to blame the victim. Ultimately, the world financial crisis is a political problem that will take political will to counter the hegemony of financial interests.
Amy Goodman
Jul 13 2011 | President Barack Obama just announced a reversal of a long-standing policy that denied presidential condolence letters to the family members of soldiers who commit suicide.
Hennessy's Index
Jul 12 2011 | The monthly listing of numbers about Canada and its place in the world. This month: Canada vs. the Organisation for Economic and Co-operation and Development, created in 1961.
Jim Stanford
Jul 11 2011 | The CAW has just released a 20-minute video featuring none other than yours truly giving a short lecture about the economics of the proposed Canada-EU free trade agreement (a.k.a. CETA).
Rick Salutin
Jul 8 2011 | The film Bad Teacher is an attack on a rotten system that overstresses test results and undermines real teaching. It's satire, stupid, in the tradition of classical theatre like Moliere's plays.
Jim Stanford
Jul 8 2011 | I've never endorsed the HST. That claim, made by business-funded HST advocates in B.C. trying to drive a wedge between unions in B.C. and in Ontario, is blatantly false.
Naomi Klein
Jul 7 2011 | The flooding of the Yellowstone River and the oil spill in the riverbed are connected, and rooted in the burning of fossil fuels.
Amy Goodman
Jul 6 2011 | Last Saturday, Julian Assange made his way by train from house arrest in Norfolk to join me and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek for a public conversation about Wikileaks.
Duncan Cameron
Jul 5 2011 | Soros is a capitalist who believes in a mixed, private-public economy, but he believes the American public has been deceived by neo-liberals to the point of catastrophe.
Steve Anderson
Jul 5 2011 | Internet surveillance laws promised by the Harper government will make warrantless seizure of our personal information legal. There will be no means to track the use of these unchecked powers.
Linda McQuaig
Jul 5 2011 | The architects of today's conservative revolution have obscured the class war that they've been waging, keeping us distracted with foreign military ventures, royals and other celebrity sightings.
Murray Dobbin
Jul 4 2011 | There is an opportunity for foreign policy debate that reflects Canadian values and a principled role for Canada in the world -- but is the NDP, the new Official Opposition, up to it?