Scott Piatkowski October 6
Scott Piatkowski
I'm in love with the CBC. There's really no other way to describe it. That means that I'm willing to put up with its growing number of flaws just so I can be around it. It means I'm regularly thinki
Duncan Cameron October 5
Duncan Cameron
Here are ten reasons to expect a fall election call starting with: 1. The Conservatives do not want an election. This should tell the Liberals to push the other way. Check out the other nine reasons.
Thomas Walkom October 4
Ottawa has only two real choices if it wishes to counter the rising price of oil on world markets and both would expose Canada's most fundamental economic divide — between Canadians who make the
Heather Mallick October 2
Paul Martin is a coward. The reason I know this is that the thread that connects this country, the CBC, has been off the airwaves for seven weeks. Only a coward would have let a gang of Canada-hating
Rick Salutin September 30
Rick Salutin
It's impressive how the new Governor-General got to this point by being herself, and continues to do so. If that sounds trite, consider the U.S., where a woman like Hillary Clinton, who wants to rise
Scott Piatkowski September 29
Scott Piatkowski
The great dilemma for American progressives is that the Democratic Party takes their support for granted but, in exchange, refuses to deliver much more than Republican Lite. For those who are working
Thomas Walkom September 27
Opponents of medicare never go away. Neither evidence nor logic deters them. They are forever on the lookout for global examples to prove their point — that universal public health insurance is
Linda McQuaig September 26
An amazing thing happened last spring. Fearing it was about to be toppled, the minority Liberal government of Paul Martin gave in to NDP leader Jack Layton's demand that almost $5 billion in corporat
Heather Mallick September 25
What would it be like to be Alison Lapper? She's a 40-year-old British artist born without arms and with only a bit of thigh, kneeless, ending in twisted feet. Hollywood FX types always add bits on t
Rick Salutin September 23
Rick Salutin
The lack of good leaders may be a problem today. But Toronto Mayor David Miller shows there can be trouble even when you get a good leader. He was elected as a radical reformer. On election night, he
Murray Dobbin September 23
No other developed country in the world has squandered control of its energy resources the way Canadian governments — federal and provincial — have done and continue to do. The first major
Scott Piatkowski September 22
Scott Piatkowski
In a speech delivered last week before the United Nations General Assembly, Paul Martin tore a strip off the world body for its inaction on issues such as the protection of human rights, global warmi
Jerry West September 21
Jerry West
There are those in Canada who would love to put a halt to the progressive development of oursociety and begin a program of regression, much like the United States. In fact these Canadianswould like
Thomas Walkom September 20
When the price of oil finally crept over $200 a barrel, almost no one noticed. The event merited a few paragraphs in the business sections of the press. But mainly, it was treated as a curiosity &#15
Linda McQuaig September 20
Brian Mulroney thinks he was a great prime minister, resents those who crossed him and wants to blame his party's devastating 1993 electoral defeat on Kim Campbell. This is news? If Mulroney's commen
Heather Mallick September 18
Here's one Americans weren't expecting: If you're a relatively calm New Orleans homeowner, because a) you're alive and b) you're insured, think again. Insurers won't pay out. You protest that there w
Rick Salutin September 16
Rick Salutin
Last Saturday, <i>The Globe ande Mail</i> ran an op-ed piece by 10 prominent women on the legal status for Muslim family courts in Ontario. I read it carefully, a few times, till I was sure they did
Scott Piatkowski September 15
Scott Piatkowski
Franklin Delano Roosevelt once responded to a question about his planned agenda by stating that his administration would &#147;try something; and, if it doesn't work try something else.&#148; Unfortu
Keith Gottschalk September 13
Keith Gottschalk
&#147;My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.&#148; &#151; Grover Nordquist (president of Americans for Tax Reform
Thomas Walkom September 13
A remarkable paper was released this week on how Canadian governments should deal with welfare, poverty and unemployment. The authors point out that former Ontario premier Mike Harris's workfare sche
Linda McQuaig September 12
While 9/11 prompted the Bush administration to unleash the full resources of America in response, the deadly Katrina crisis had trouble catching Bush's attention. But then 9/11 was quickly spotted as
Heather Mallick September 11
If Brand America were a soft drink and not a country, it would be funny, but it's not. It's the painful result of the monstrous egotism and stupidity of George W. Bush and his advisers combined with
Rick Salutin September 9
Rick Salutin
In New Orleans, they keep trying to get back to a script but have so far failed. Each day, the curtain is unexpectedly pulled back anew, revealing more corpses, ineptitude, farcical euphemism and ego
Scott Piatkowski September 8
Scott Piatkowski
During the time that Bob Rae was Premier of Ontario, there was a lot of pressure within the NDP to refrain from open criticism. As one who consistently resisted that pressure and criticized Rae whene
Jerry West September 7
Jerry West
Hugo Chavez is the popular president of Venezuela. Recently, Reuters reported that a bipartisan delegation of U.S. legislators met Condoleezza Rice before she became secretary of state to urge her to
Thomas Walkom September 6
If there is a lesson from the near-completed Maher Arar inquiry it is this: Canadians who get into trouble shouldn't depend on their government to help them out. Arar is the Ottawa man who was plucke
Linda McQuaig September 5
Media reports often suggest the Bush administration dislikes Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez because it considers him undemocratic. The fact that he's sitting on the biggest oil reserve outside the
Heather Mallick September 4
Do I love Canada? No. Why would I? It's a country, not someone I'm sleeping with. I was born here, have lived all over the country and think it is a pleasant place populated with good, intelligent pe
Keith Gottschalk September 3
Keith Gottschalk
If I seem bitter and angry, it is because I am. But my anger is nothing compared to the anger of the people of New Orleans whose city resembled a devastated Third World country where rats ate the bod
Rick Salutin September 2
Rick Salutin
Look at the pictures from New Orleans: the chaos, death, neglect. There are times, like the 1930s, when people everywhere conclude that more is needed than the random outcomes of private, market-driv