Linda McQuaig August 29
It's often noted that the United States is so big and powerful it barely notices Canada. This sense of Canada's insignificance, drummed into us constantly by our media commentators, has helped fuel
Heather Mallick August 27
When I'm oldy mouldy (as my kids used to say of anyone over 12) — perhaps toothless, foul-tempered, smelly, but likely all three — a palliative comes to mind. I tell myself that I'll always
Rick Salutin August 26
Rick Salutin
Back when Jay Leno wrote his own jokes, or appeared to, he told one about a chicken that walks out of a McDonald's examining an order of Chicken McNuggets and says, “I see nothing in here that o
Scott Piatkowski August 25
Scott Piatkowski
With the recent developments on the mad cow and softwood lumber files, it seems that the subject of free trade (or lack thereof) is again dominating the news. As a participant in the original 1988 de
Jerry West August 24
Jerry West
There never really has been a “war against terrorism.” At best, what we have been seeing is a “war between terrorists,” with roots that go back centuries, and with the current po
Keith Gottschalk August 23
Keith Gottschalk
Will the American people come to realize that it was never Saddam Hussein, it was never weapons of mass destruction, it was never 9-11 but it was, at long last and after every other lie has been exha
Linda McQuaig August 22
Last week's dramatic scenes from Gaza filled TV screens around the world with images of Israel getting tough with Jewish settlers. And after months of international criticism over its construction of
Heather Mallick August 21
Last week, a full-page ad appeared in my morning newspaper titled, “An Open Letter to Canadians.” The subheadline began with “CBC.” Omigawd, Paul Martin's abolishing the CBC, I th
Rick Salutin August 19
Rick Salutin
The Monarchist League said Michaëlle Jean should “clear the air” about her views on Quebec. That was going too far. There's been nothing clear in Quebec-Canada relations for deca
Scott Piatkowski August 18
Scott Piatkowski
I'd have a lot more faith in NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman if I was convinced that he'd ever watched a hockey game before he was named to the job. As it stands, he's proven to be spectacularly incapa
Duncan Cameron August 17
Duncan Cameron
The CBC lockout of its employees gives the expression “news hole” a literal usage. Without the CBC it is hard to imagine where in the mainstream media people can go to find out what is goin
Keith Gottschalk August 16
Keith Gottschalk
There's a small house near where I live that has seen better days. The yard is ragged and unkempt. The roof needs help and the exterior walls need some work as well. But you recognize <i>this</i> hou
Linda McQuaig August 15
The state of Oklahoma recently passed a law preventing property owners from banning guns from their own property. Among other things, this means that a day-care centre won't be allowed to keep guns o
Heather Mallick August 14
IKEA is opening up in Iran. IKEA makes me crazy. Its latest wheeze is to have replaced the Out of Stock sign on whatever I want to buy with Oversold, thus implicitly blaming the customer for the stor
Naomi Klein August 14
Naomi Klein
It has become an article of faith that Britain was vulnerable to terror because of its politically correct antiracism. Yet there is a suggestion that what propelled at least some of the bombers was r
Rick Salutin August 12
Rick Salutin
The news of ABC anchor Peter Jennings's death omitted some important detail and context &#151; things he was said to be fanatical about. I'm thinking especially of 9/11. There's been comment on what
Scott Piatkowski August 11
Scott Piatkowski
Just days before the 2004 federal election, there was a memorable exchange of verbiage that helped to define both the narrative and the outcome of the campaign. After Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's an
Duncan Cameron August 10
Duncan Cameron
As the price of gas at the pump rises, eventually the truth will emerge. Market pricing is a form of primitive rationing based on income. The wealthy are allowed to waste as much as they can afford w
Keith Gottschalk August 9
Keith Gottschalk
On July 29, acting solely at the behest of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the RCMP arrested a Canadian citizen and leader of the Marijuana Party, Marc Emery, and two other people. What made
Linda McQuaig August 8
If you attack your neighbour, kill several of his family members, ransack his house and steal his car, is it logical to conclude that your neighbour is in a rage against you because he doesn't like h
Heather Mallick August 8
An eerie thing has happened since George W. Bush took office in 2000. Women have vanished from the world's landscape. Newspaper editorial pages have become male wallpaper, we have apparently been Pho
Rick Salutin July 29
Rick Salutin
The U.S. labour movement split up this week. What's unclear is why it matters. Maybe that's because all sides seem to use the prevailing lingo of hype, advertising and PR.
Scott Piatkowski July 28
Scott Piatkowski
There's a vacancy in the Prime Minister's Office. No, I'm not talking about the big guy himself (you haven't missed a major bit of news about a Prime Ministerial resignation while you were at the bea
Keith Gottschalk July 27
Keith Gottschalk
As I departed Canada for the land of perpetual patriotic fervor and preparedness, I felt in some strange way that I was leaving the kind of place that, at least in spirit, the U.S. had been in anothe
Linda McQuaig July 25
The horrors of Soviet dictatorship were routinely drummed into me as a child. I recall terrifying stories of KGB agents showing up at people's homes late at night and taking them away for secret tria
Heather Mallick July 24
Britain's Foreign Minister, Jack Be Nimble (real name &#147;Straw,&#148; seriously), swelled up like a puff adder this week and announced that the notion that there was any link between the first Lon
Rick Salutin July 22
Rick Salutin
Mayor Ken must have been getting tired of all the media praise he got after the London bombings two weeks ago, for not repeating criticisms he's often made about U.K. foreign policy. So, on Wednesday
Scott Piatkowski July 21
Scott Piatkowski
As children, many of us learned to sing &#147;Don't throw your junk in my backyard, my backyard's full&#148; (usually singing it repeatedly until our parents threatened to stop the car and make us ge
Duncan Cameron July 21
Duncan Cameron
&#147;We're the Canadian Forces, and our job is to be able to kill people,&#148; said Rick Hillier, Canada's top military officer, announcing last week the deployment of more than 2,000 soldiers to A
Keith Gottschalk July 19
Keith Gottschalk
As both George W. Bush and Paul Martin continue to fine-tune border security issues and Canada's business class pushes for deeper integration with the U.S., one has to ask the question: If Canada wer