Linda McQuaig November 14
When top White House aide Scooter Libby was indicted for perjury, George W. Bush was quick to point out that “(i)n our system, each individual is presumed innocent and entitled to due process an
Heather Mallick November 13
Money doesn't interest me as much as “the principle of the thing,” a phrase I admit I use mainly to irritate the right wing. Money isn't a principle, I tell them. Their blood pressure soars
Rick Salutin November 11
Rick Salutin
All the violence gets confusing. This week, it's been either urban youth violence (Paris, Toronto) or terror mayhem (Amman plus the usual places). On Wednesday, CBC Newsworld ran an all-day special,
Scott Piatkowski November 10
Scott Piatkowski
Four weeks ago, I wrote a column questioning the McGuinty government's plan to stake Ontario's energy future on nuclear power, despite the fact that nuclear had long proven to be expensive, unreliabl
Duncan Cameron November 9
Duncan Cameron
<b>Paris, France &#151;</b> The underlying issues of youth unemployment, religious and racial discrimination, and disaffection from French society will not be addressed by the curfew law &#151; a law
Keith Gottschalk November 9
Keith Gottschalk
Sam Alito is a mainstream jurist. Don't believe me? Ask the White House. They've prepared a 600-page briefing book on President George W. Bush's newest nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. They needn't
Thomas Walkom November 8
The Supreme Court's controversial decision taking aim at medicare did not occur in a vacuum. The decision relied on the efforts of three people well skilled in the political arts. They are the unsung
Linda McQuaig November 7
If George W. Bush had announced, prior to invading Iraq, that his motive was to seize Iraq's oil, to enhance Israel's power or to ensure U.S. military dominance of the Middle East, none of these just
Naomi Klein November 6
Naomi Klein
When Manuel Rozental got home one night last month, friends told him two strange men had been asking questions about him. In this close-knit indigenous community in southwestern Colombia ringed by so
Heather Mallick November 6
My childhood &#151; call it Castle Keep &#151; is a bricked-up place I do not visit. But occasionally I kick a few bricks out of the wall, peek inside if it might assist someone else, and mortar it u
Rick Salutin November 4
Rick Salutin
The well-known version of the Rosa Parks story lacks in politics: The triumph was due to education, debate, strategy, leadership and, above all, grassroots organizing. It was not due to one sudden, b
Scott Piatkowski November 3
Scott Piatkowski
Hands up if you had heard about the problems facing the aboriginal community of Kashechewan before last week. Let's see&#226;e&#166; that's one, two&#226;e&#166; any others? (This interactive column-
Tricia Hylton November 2
&#147;You're stupid.&#148; &#147;No, you're stupid.&#148; &#147;No, I'm not stupid, you're stupid.&#148; This is a typical exchange on the popular kids' program <i>SpongeBob SquarePants</i> between
Duncan Cameron November 2
Duncan Cameron
One searches in vain for anybody from the Western industrialized world who actually takes seriously the objective that was announced in November 2001 when the current Doha round of world trade talks
Thomas Walkom November 1
The federal government says it is outraged that Maher Arar was tortured in Syria. It is talking tough. Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew wants the culprits responsible brought to justice. &#1
Linda McQuaig October 31
For years now, the survival of Canada as a meaningfully independent country has seemed precarious. Canadians have been coaxed into accepting &#147;free trade&#148; deals &#151; deals that seem less a
Keith Gottschalk October 30
Keith Gottschalk
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald dropped his first bomb Friday in a 22-page five felony indictment of I. Lewis &#147;Scooter&#148; Libby, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, for hi
Rick Salutin October 28
Rick Salutin
Many reports from the U.S. have said: <i>With all his troubles &#151; Katrina, Iraq, the economy &#151; the last thing George Bush needs is criminal charges against top aides like Karl Rove</i> (expe
Scott Piatkowski October 27
Scott Piatkowski
Want to join the team? Get ready for a dose of humiliation. And, more importantly, be sure to take your humiliation &#147;like a man&#148; and shut up about it. That's the message being sent out by t
Thomas Walkom October 25
Four years ago, fighting terror was government's top priority. Now, even a former defence minister acknowledges Ottawa went too far. Known as a military hawk during his time in the Commons, David Pra
Linda McQuaig October 24
When it comes to oil, the Middle East is where the action is. Or as Dick Cheney once put it &#151; before he was vice-president and became careful about saying such things &#151; the Middle East is &
Heather Mallick October 23
So many people are fat now that they're getting close to a majority. It seems odd that they need defending. But I recoil at the venom shot their way. If the recent public tarring and feathering of Ka
Rick Salutin October 21
Rick Salutin
Abdullah Almalki went public this week, on CBC Radio's <i>The Current</i>. He told a standard torture tale, so it was pretty unbearable. He is another Canadian of Arab descent whom our intelligence a
Scott Piatkowski October 20
Scott Piatkowski
This might sound like a fantasy, but wouldn't it be great if elections were decided based primarily upon ideas, instead of which candidate is the bigger crook? Scandals aren't just bad for the partie
Jerry West October 19
Jerry West
Well, British Columbia's 38,000 teachers have walked off the job. Other than the usual gang of Liberal apologists and the expected Liberal Partypropaganda mills also known as the mainstream media,
Thomas Walkom October 18
Five years after Walkerton, Dalton McGuinty says he's all in favour of clean drinking water. Why, then, is his Liberal government doing its best to derail one municipality's efforts to achieve just t
Linda McQuaig October 17
We're often told that the rich are overtaxed. Certainly, the rich often tell us this. But driving through the affluent parts of Toronto, one is struck by the sight of much opulent living. If the rich
Heather Mallick October 16
It's peculiar to judge prizes, in the sense of awarding a prize each year to the prize that got it right and the prize, like the Man Booker, that maintains a tradition of hitting itself in the face w
Rick Salutin October 14
Rick Salutin
Canada's Privacy Commissioner said this week that privacy has suffered in the &#147;post-9/11 environment&#148; from a &#147;voracious appetite for personal information and surveillance that has spru
Scott Piatkowski October 13
Scott Piatkowski
Ontario Premier McGuinty has announced that &#147;we are prepared to go ahead with economical, safe, new nuclear if that is recommended by the OPA (Ontario Power Authority).&#148; The OPA was created