Jerry West July 13
Jerry West
It is amusing to read the statements of many prominent politicians in response to the brutal and barbaric criminal acts in London. One term used frequently to characterize theattack is “senseles
Duncan Cameron July 13
Duncan Cameron
Just when it seemed world leaders would have to answer to world public opinion — the other superpower — the Gleneagles G8 summit was engulfed by the tragedy of bombs exploding in London tra
Linda McQuaig July 11
Has the war on terror actually increased terrorism? Perhaps terrorism would have increased anyway, but I'd guess the war on terror has made things worse. The heavy-handed methods used by George Bush
Heather Mallick July 10
The cost of a new U.S. Supreme Court justice is $123-million. I was taken aback. Surely law schools are not so horrifically expensive even in that lawyer-thick nation. But I had misunderstood. The $1
Keith Gottschalk July 9
Keith Gottschalk
For this week's steel cage death match, let's pair off an optimistic, smiley-faced Canadian ambassador to the U.S., Frank McKenna, and Fox News Channel's Canada-hating personality, John Gibson. Gibs
Rick Salutin July 8
Rick Salutin
George Bush quickly claimed the “contrast” couldn't be “clearer” between yesterday's London bombings and the concurrent G8 talks about ending poverty in Africa, or Tony Blair, wh
Scott Piatkowski July 7
Scott Piatkowski
Since the formation of the Bloc Québecois, a federal party dedicated to a sovereign Québec, the question of how to respond to Québec has become more and more a questi
Duncan Cameron July 6
Duncan Cameron
Making the G8 leaders aware the world is watching is important; Live 8 organizers did their job on that score. Getting the G8 to do something this week will be easier as a result, but what emerges is
Thomas Walkom July 5
There is some good news. After four years of running scared, people are beginning to realize that, hey, maybe it's not a good idea to eliminate civil liberties entirely in the name of fighting terror
Linda McQuaig July 4
If clear evidence emerged showing George W. Bush had written in his diary that he had lied to the American people to justify his invasion of Iraq, would the U.S. media even consider that a story? I'm
Heather Mallick July 3
I don't buy American goods if I can avoid it, never buy from big Bush donors, only buy Fairtrade food and organic food so that farmers aren't forced to buy genetically modified seeds, and so on. It's
Rick Salutin July 3
Rick Salutin
Let us give thanks that our nation is not an imperial power. I am thinking mainly about the effects of empire not on the ruled but on the rulers, like our southern neighbours, who may not directly co
Jerry West June 29
Jerry West
This past Sunday, U.S. President George Bush said that the United States is committed to eliminating torture worldwide. Far from being committed to ending torture, the present U.S. administration has
Duncan Cameron June 29
Duncan Cameron
Yesterday, Canada became the third country in the world, after Holland and Belgium, to recognize same sex marriage. Passage of this legislation makes official a major advance in equality rights for h
Thomas Walkom June 28
Can a 28-year-old self-described “serial entrepreneur” sandbag medicare? Alan Smithson wants to set up what he calls a private cancer clinic in Toronto. He would charge each patient a $2,50
Linda McQuaig June 27
The sight of millionaire rock stars lecturing us about the plight of poor Africans seems to anger some people. That hostility is best captured in a book, written by an American right-winger, titled s
Heather Mallick June 26
Much as I wish to spare the feelings of my male readers, I will bluntly explain why, if you are not wearing a tie at this moment, you must rush to put one on. Yes, with your bathrobe. For the fact is
Rick Salutin June 24
Rick Salutin
Edgar Ray Killen, a former Klansman involved in murdering three civil-rights workers in Mississippi 41 years ago, will serve his 60-year sentence in isolation due to fear of retaliation by other pris
Scott Piatkowski June 23
Scott Piatkowski
With both the NDP and most of the Bloc onside, the vote on equal marriage wouldn't even be close if it weren't for 35 Liberals. Together, this merry band of bigots has proven that, not only is it ext
Duncan Cameron June 22
Duncan Cameron
The task set by the make-poverty-history campaign is no less than the overthrow of the current world order: the imperialism of capital, run by financiers in suits who own and exploit the resources an
Thomas Walkom June 21
Oct. 22, 2002. Canada's ambassador to Damascus, Franco Pillarella, has just found out that Maher Arar is in Syrian custody. Arar has been missing for 14 days. The Americans say he was sent to Syria.
Heather Mallick June 20
Is there anything on earth more comely than a G8 finance minister coated in international goodwill? Aren't they big-hearted? Good Samaritans all, they give off a golden light. Debt relief, aid and de
Linda McQuaig June 20
It may be one of the worst problems the world faces, but global warming is the best break the nuclear industry has caught in a long time. There's been no investment in new nuclear plants in North Am
Murray Dobbin June 18
Recently, Canadians have been inundated with stories, commentary and parliamentary debate about corruption — as in the sponsorship scandal. It is unfortunate that the same amount of attention is
Jerry West June 17
Jerry West
Canada's religious right is establishing a new social policy think tank, The Institute for Canadian Values. Their goal is to increase the representation of religious values in government policy with
Rick Salutin June 17
Rick Salutin
The noble, practically unique element in Canada's health-care system has been its commitment to a single tier of payers. There are flaws but, in principle, everyone pays the same. In Europe, you can
Scott Piatkowski June 16
Scott Piatkowski
Divorcing the concept of paying taxes from the reality of receiving services is a guarantee of two things: people will be less and less willing to pay the kind of taxes needed to sustain medicare; an
Duncan Cameron June 15
Duncan Cameron
Most people have no idea how bad most of the dominant ideas really are, until someone points out why it is so. When the right dynamic is in place, say in a good radio show, those ideas become accessi
Naomi Klein June 15
Naomi Klein
It seems like a good time to remember someone who tried to make poverty history: Ken Saro-Wiwa, who was killed ten years ago this November by the Nigerian government, along with eight other Ogoni act
Thomas Walkom June 14
The public is willing to support the idea of a public health insurance monopoly as long as it delivers the goods. But for too long, governments have failed to deliver. As prime minister, Paul Martin