Duncan Cameron
May 29 2008 | Jack Layton, leader of the very green federal NDP, is under attack by Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, and environmentalist, David Suzuki, for not supporting a new carbon tax regime to help reduce
Jerry West
May 28 2008 | What do acid oceans, pending doom for krill, the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, and the B.C. government have in common? The outdated world view that is driving the actions of the government and the B.C.
Murray Dobbin
May 28 2008 | With the country well into its third year of minority government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper there has been very little commentary on what may be the most important driver of his policies.
Wayne MacPhail
May 27 2008 | On the Canadian Copyright Act front, the seesaw is dipping to the dark side. According to Michael Geist, Industry Minister Jim Prentice could try to introduce the new copyright bill in about two week
June Chua
May 27 2008 | Siple's fast-forward life in motion was abruptly halted when he was involved in a car accident rendering him a quadriplegic. For eight years he did not pick up a video camera. Then one day, Siple dec
Heather Mallick
May 27 2008 | We are living in black swan times. This is an elegant way of describing a deeply frightening phase of economic change as the U.S. begins its economic slide, with power shifting to other blocs and wor
Amy Goodman
May 26 2008 | As the U.S. presidential race continues, so does the arms race worldwide. People — civilians, children — are being killed and maimed, on a daily basis, by unexploded cluster bombs and land
Rick Salutin
May 23 2008 | In actual numbers, casualties of the "xenophobic" outbursts in South Africa this week have been low by world standards, even if the details are gruesome — deaths are in the dozens, with tens of
Jooneed Khan
May 23 2008 | The deadly food riots in Haiti have exposed Canada's doctrine of "Responsibility to Protect" (or R2P) for the Big Power, self-serving and interventionist pretext that it has been since a joint Canada
Duncan Cameron
May 22 2008 | The logic is simple. If oil companies are making money at $70 a barrel, and through no action on their part, their price increases to $115 a barrel, why should they get to pocket the difference?
Linda McQuaig
May 20 2008 | Canada has a long history of supporting Israel. But the nature of that support, particularly under the Harper government, is almost unrecognizable from its earlier form.
Duncan Cameron
May 16 2008 | Keynes is back. After being considered wrong, and consigned to the past, his theories — conceived to fight the depression of the 1930s — have become current again.
Rick Salutin
May 16 2008 | The class question — whither the workers — has been mesmerizing during the Clinton-Obama battle in the United States, far more than the horse race itself.
Naomi Klein
May 16 2008 | When news arrived of the catastrophic earthquake in Sichuan, my mind turned to Zheng Sun Man, an up-and-coming security executive I met on a recent trip to China.
Wayne MacPhail
May 15 2008 | On Monday there was a great example of social media, and Twitter in particular, being both a great breaking news source and a viral carrier.