Thomas Walkom April 12
People in Ontario are sick of the federal Liberals and would like to find some other party they can vote for. And while I suspect that few actively dislike Paul Martin, I'm also picking up a feeling
Linda McQuaig April 11
I've never been to journalism school, but I can imagine what must go on there. Judging from the coverage of the Pope's death, I assume that aspiring media types are taught that one of the key functio
Heather Mallick April 10
I've read Franz Kafka's <i>The Trial</i> twice and still can't warm to it. Josef K is on trial, for what crime he doesn't know and neither do the judges. It has mystified me but my mystification ende
Rick Salutin April 8
Rick Salutin
If you can't do something bigger, then you try to at least attend it; that's why people flock to events they hope will be historic. Yet, it rarely seems to work. You always must get on to the next bi
Murray Dobbin April 7
The fact that our nation has been effectively governed according to the priorities of 150 global corporations is now so &#147;normal&#148; that it is almost never remarked upon. Yet there is an enorm
Scott Piatkowski April 7
Scott Piatkowski
Can't pay your hydro or gas bill? Been hit by an unexpectedly large car repair bill? Need to buy some groceries, but can't wait until payday? Don't worry, there are plenty of people who are willing t
Duncan Cameron April 6
Duncan Cameron
Much of a recent report on Canada prepared by the International Monetary Fund rehearses familiar nostrums about the need to reduce debt, balance the budget and not share tax revenue with the province
Thomas Walkom April 5
Outrage is cheap. So while it's no surprise that Ottawa did and said nothing last fall after learning the gory details of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi's torture, rape and murder in Iran, it is al
Linda McQuaig April 4
Those on the right in the U.S. have long disliked the UN, which stands for co-operation among nations and restricting the use of unilateral power. This clashes with the right's desire for a more musc
Heather Mallick April 3
I got out the big scissors this week and cut my Bank of Montreal Mosaik (sic) MasterCard in half. I explained that the bank had an anti-abortion affinity Mosaik MasterCard, and I wished to express m
Rick Salutin April 1
Rick Salutin
My favourite traffic initiatives reek of sheer anarchism. Several German, Dutch and Danish cities have created what they call &#147;naked streets.&#148; They removed the traffic lights, stop signs, e
Scott Piatkowski March 31
Scott Piatkowski
I was born in 1965. It was a tumultuous time, three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, two years after the murder of Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King's &#147;I Have a Dream&#148; speech, and a
Murray Dobbin March 30
George W. Bush and his gang of neo-cons have inadvertently prompted Canadians to more closely examine their own very different take on the world. And they like what they see. There are those, of cour
Thomas Walkom March 29
By any normal measure, Jeremy Hinzman is no refugee. That having been said, there are good reasons why he should be allowed at least the chance to stay. The main one is that he would probably make a
Linda McQuaig March 28
The romance between Peter MacKay and Belinda Stronach is undoubtedly the hottest dating story to hit Ottawa since Art Eggleton resigned. Certainly the handsome couple presented a more fetching image
Heather Mallick March 27
The news that Hitler's notorious Bavarian Alps vacation home, Berchtesgaden, has been turned into a hotel, well, call me waterlogged by history but I'm not happy about it. It's true that I have alwa
Rick Salutin March 26
Rick Salutin
I believe the word &#147;pro-life,&#148; used in the case of Terri Schiavo and in the anti-abortion movement, should be taken seriously. I don't think it is just part of a linguistic battle for polit
Scott Piatkowski March 24
Scott Piatkowski
Given George W. Bush's propensity for taking extended vacations, it clearly takes a special issue to make him cut short his time away from &#147;the hard work&#148; of being President. Bush found tha
Jerry West March 23
Jerry West
Canadians need to ask themselves seriously how they would like becoming second-class Americans. Right now, the business leaders of the country are working on projects that will do just that to all o
Duncan Cameron March 23
Duncan Cameron
Quebec students are on strike. The province with the lowest tuition fees is where the students are the most militant in opposition to rising costs of higher education. The students are in the streets
Thomas Walkom March 22
How can there not be a public inquiry into the events surrounding the 1985 Air-India bombing? It is an event that cries out for explanation. Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan says she doesn't thin
Linda McQuaig March 21
The more horrific the crime, the more justice seems to call out for punishment. Punishing the right people and following the niceties of the rule of law often seem to get lost in the rush to &#147;ha
Heather Mallick March 20
Since I am without religion of any kind and was raised in a &#147;Well dear, I suppose you must do as you think is best&#148; kind of household, my morality is all self-taught. It's tiring, all that
Rick Salutin March 18
Rick Salutin
It's amazing. Sixteen years after free trade with the U.S., Canadians still feel proud and distinct, perhaps more than ever according to surveys. It's also amazing that further &#147;integration&#148
Scott Piatkowski March 17
Scott Piatkowski
I initially signed on with Amnesty over 20 years ago when I was young and idealistic, and intent on making a difference. Simply put, in the face of egregious human rights abuses around the world (inc
Duncan Cameron March 16
Duncan Cameron
This week, the former governor of Massachusetts spoke to reporters in Washington (with Mexican and Canadian sidekicks) about creating a North American community. Canada was represented by the Canadia
Naomi Klein March 16
Naomi Klein
It started off as a joke and has now become vaguely serious: the idea that Bono might be named president of the World Bank. As frontman of one of the world's most enduring rock brands, Bono talks to
Thomas Walkom March 15
Dalton McGuinty is playing a dangerous and unconvincing game hammering away at the so-called $23 billion gap &#226;e" the difference between what Ontarians pay into Canada and what they are said to g
Linda McQuaig March 14
Dalton McGuinty is right to try to pry an extra $5 billion from Ottawa. It's too bad he's doing it by suggesting the rest of the country is getting fat feeding off the Ontario goose. It's a good way
Heather Mallick March 13
She is a woman. He is a man. They're both Turkish. It is the week of International Women's Day. Romantic, no? Will love bloom as they sip a raki by the banks of the Bosporus? No. There's a wardrobe