Michael Hackl, Pro Bono September 28
There's a distinction between rules to protect people's rights and arbitrary requirements that limit them. We must be ready to fix outdated and discriminatory rules.
Jim Stanford September 27
Jim Stanford
Canadians should thank our lucky stars that Malaysia's state-owned Petronas finally pulled the plug on its Pacific Northwest LNG project.
Rick Salutin September 22
The four candidate vying for the leadership of the national party provided feeble answers to that question.
Murray Dobbin September 22
Liberal finance committee chair Wayne Easter is defending wealthy individuals and big companies who are getting away with blatant tax avoidance -- or advising others how to do so.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 22
Like Anne Frank and Sophie Scholl before her, Heather was killed resisting fascism. Let all their stories inspire a new wave of bold resistance.
Lois Ross September 20
As U.S. President Donald Trump rambles and rumbles about cancelling NAFTA, what if we called the bully's bluff? The result would no doubt be much better than any of his suggestions for change.
Rick Salutin September 15
Is Justin Trudeau NAFTA expectations a fantasy wish list destined for side deals, or are the talks simply a hoax to hoodwink Donald Trump?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 14
As catastrophic hurricanes have laid waste to large areas of the U.S. and Caribbean, it is clear what the real national security threat is: climate change, and the fossil fuel industry.
June Chua September 13
A collective of artists, activists, writers and researchers is examining Canadian history and re-casting it in new ways, in the Remember | Resist | Redraw poster project.
Joyce Arthur, Martina Zanetti September 12
This year has seen an increase in the pool of providers and growth in the universal coverage of abortion drug Mifegymiso. Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada reports on the progress made.
Rick Salutin September 9
Pope Francis's revelation that he'd seen a psychoanalyst decades ago comes at a time of renewed attack on Freud.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 8
As if Hurricane Harvey didn’t terrorize Texas enough, President Donald Trump has just unleashed a flood of fear in immigrant communities there and everywhere.
Monia Mazigh September 8
Monia Mazigh
The seeds of neoliberalism were planted in the 1980s by right-wing politicians like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and around the world we're still harvesting the fruit of those policies today.
Murray Dobbin September 8
Our new Middle East policy? It's simple. We have no business being there, we have no lofty goals capable of being achieved, we have no genuine national interest.
Matthew Behrens September 7
CSEC believes the glorious act of Canadian democracy is under threat from nefarious foreign actors, but they refuse to accept that the system itself is the problem.
Pro Bono, Celia Chandler September 7
As B.C. prepares to reinstate its Human Rights Commission, it would do well to learn from Ontario, where the introduction of a direct access system has been only a qualified success.
Rick Salutin September 1
There’s an endless appetite for rescue scenes, but little emphasis on what caused the tragedy, and what could have been done to prevent it
Marie Aspiazu, Digital Freedom Update September 1
The Trudeau government has finally delivered on its long-awaited promise to reform Bill C-51, but the changes don't go far enough.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 1
The planet is drowning in denial. Climate change is real, and needs to be addressed.
Linda McQuaig September 1
It’s not too late for the country to play leadership role in global struggle to abolish nuclear weapons and outlaw them forever.
Naomi Klein August 29
Naomi Klein
Now is exactly the time to talk about climate change, and all the other systemic injustices -- from racial profiling to economic austerity -- that turn disasters like Harvey into human catastrophes.
Rick Salutin August 25
The U.S. president lacks the control and detachment to do lasting, structural harm, which any non-trivial destroyer requires.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 25
Donald Trump long advocated for a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. On Monday, he commitment thousands more troops and tens of billions more taxpayer dollars to the war.
Rick Salutin August 18
But no matter how many numbers Freeland plucks to show the economy's mighty growth in the free trade years, in those same years, most people's lives have hardened.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 18
The growing movement for racial justice is making demands and taking action. With each passing day, white supremacists will find themselves with fewer and fewer Confederate statues to cling to.
Lois Ross August 15
Will the Liberal government take this opportunity to encourage sustainable agriculture and healthy food practices -- instead of bowing to the pressure of corporations bent on making profits?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 11
It's time for Trump to tone down his rhetoric, stop tweeting and assign genuine diplomats to help achieve a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.
Rick Salutin August 11
Is it possible that tourism has reached the end of its life cycle, like, possibly, zoos? Residents in big tourist cities react a lot like animals in cages: pacing, then snarling.
Linda McQuaig August 8
NAFTA has been key to the transformation of Canada, enabling corporations to become more dominant economically and politically, while rendering our labour force increasingly vulnerable and insecure.
Rick Salutin August 4
What now for Chavez’s children? Events in Venezuela are the latest points of light for young, left-wing idealists to fade.