Duncan Cameron June 13
Duncan Cameron
Reading the Trudeau government's new foreign policy announcements, it is difficult to see what the Liberals have to offer the world.
Rick Salutin June 9
The revival of "1837" revealed that our show is (relatively gently) charged with overlooking truer victims: the First Nations.
Murray Dobbin June 9
With its giant boost to military spending, the Trudeau government is gearing up for more Western adventurism, using NATO to prop up a failing finance capitalism by military threats.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 8
The FBI has become the darling of Trump's opponents. But this powerful, secretive federal police force has a long, dark and often violent history of suppressing dissent in the U.S.
Linda McQuaig June 8
In an age when control over energy shapes global politics and the fate of the world, why wouldn't Canadians be happy to leave our energy in the hands of Trump's Washington and Big Oil?
Duncan Cameron June 6
Duncan Cameron
In the 150th year of Confederation, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard wants to talk about how Canada governs itself. Justin Trudeau put him off, saying he did not want to open the Constitution.
Rick Salutin June 2
Corbyn boldly, even recklessly, doubled down, blaming the bombing partly on the aggressive, militaristic foreign policy of previous leaders, including Labour's own Tony Blair. Why did it work?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 1
With a death toll over four times as high as Manchester, with hundreds injured, Kabul gets mentioned only in brief reports, the dead and injured listed as numbers rather than names.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update June 1
David Christopher
There are a number of concerns that come along with a renegotiation of NAFTA. Canadians enjoy stronger digital rights protections than their U.S. counterparts -- policies that could be placed at risk.
June Chua May 31
The film "Forget Winnetou!" uses the novels of Karl May, who published his first book about a character named Winnetou in 1870, to explore the German idealization of Indigenous peoples.
Duncan Cameron May 30
Duncan Cameron
The Liberals are delighted to attack new CPC leader Andrew Scheer for his social conservative views. His first challenge will be to show he is up to the standard set by Rona Ambrose as interim leader.
Jim Stanford May 26
Jim Stanford
Air Canada has fared much better since its executives abandoned financial engineering in favour of actually running an airline. Real prosperity can't come from buying and selling pieces of paper.
Rick Salutin May 26
Trump's speech in Riyadh this week was normal foreign policy drivel, which came as a relief. It was no more preposterous than what Obama, Clinton, or Trudeau deliver when they talk world issues.
Murray Dobbin May 25
As they choose a new leader, NDP members will decide what they want their party to be. The two candidates who stand in greatest contrast are Manitoba MP Niki Ashton and newcomer Jagmeet Singh.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 25
Donald Trump's arms deal with Saudi Arabia is wrong. It will inflame an already war-ravaged region, hitting Yemen especially hard.
Katie Douglas, Pro Bono May 25
At the beginning of May, a group of tenants in Toronto went on a rent strike, taking a creative and courageous stand to fix the issue of affordable housing.
Duncan Cameron May 23
Duncan Cameron
U.S. President Donald Trump took off last Friday for a nine-day trip abroad that did not begin with (or include) a stop in Canada. The Trudeau government cannot be too disappointed.
Rick Salutin May 19
The cultural appropriation debate broke new ground this week, for me anyway. I confess I was among those who always saw it as essentially a matter of free speech: the right to write what one chose.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 18
What if Donald Trump were actually held responsible for real crimes: killing civilians in drone strikes, forcing refugees to suffer or die, or driving the planet into climate change?
Matthew Behrens May 17
What follows is a cautionary tale that, despite all the assurances by the RCMP that they would never consider protests to be terrorism under C-51, this remains standard operating procedure.
Lois Ross May 16
By turning the focus on Canadian dairy farming, U.S. President Donald Trump has unwittingly helped to remind us why supply management is key to treating farmers fairly.
Duncan Cameron May 16
Duncan Cameron
Jagmeet Singh has joined the NDP leadership race and his long-anticipated candidacy creates a new dynamic in a contest that runs until the fall.
Rick Salutin May 12
I'd have fired James Comey too. The guy is delusional, grandiose and a drama queen (who does that remind you of?). The former FBI director thinks it's all about him.
Linda McQuaig May 11
With the help of heavy hitters from Wall Street, Bill Morneau has been designing a radical new bank that will deliver some of Canada's infrastructure into the hands of private investors.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 11
When Donald Trump ousted FBI Director James Comey, it was more than just another of his shocking executive actions. Decades of progressive policy achievements are being quietly undone.
Duncan Cameron May 9
Duncan Cameron
In his campaign, Macron was able to strike a progressive pose -- especially with Marine Le Pen as a debating partner. More will be known about his priorities once he assumes presidential office.
Rick Salutin May 5
If political acts, like voting, are meaningless under globalization, that makes some sense of the refusal by normally left voters to turn out for Hillary, leading to Trump's victory.
Murray Dobbin May 5
Is the Green Party in a tacit alliance with the Liberal Party of Christy Clark in B.C.'s election? A lot of people in B.C. think so.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 4
There are 10 million people in North Carolina, and nine million hogs. Judging by the smell, the hogs are winning. Or, rather, the giant corporate factory hog farms are.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update May 3
David Christopher
Finally. After years of obfuscation, the RCMP have admitted they are using invasive surveillance devices known as IMSI-catchers or Stingrays to spy on Canadians' cellphones.