Dalton Camp July 22
The poor young thing that became the Alliance wasted much of its breath in an attempt to encourage Canadians to abandon their entrenched, ingrained Liberalism. The results of its exertions are clearl
Michele Landsberg July 21
The story of the Famous Five, sparkling with humour, passion, outrage and victory, will go down as refreshingly as a frosty drink at the Hot Music Festival this Thursday, when The Ginger Group premie
Rick Salutin July 20
Rick Salutin
Politics is now about ideas and theories on markets, free trade, liberating individual initiative from the burden of government. Economics, basically. Yet Mike Harris ends up having sent the people o
Rachel Giese July 19
The accelerated pace of globalization and its inherent injustice is as good a place as any to begin to lay the blame for hyper consumerism. Wealthy nations are greedier than ever and increasingly dep
Dalton Camp July 18
What seems perfectly clear about these milling members of Midwest manic-depressives is that they never were a party and will unlikely ever become one.
Parker Barss Donham July 18
We're not really talking about a tree or a bunch of trees vs. a dead motorist. We're talking about a theoretical incremental increase in the chance of an accident based on marginal conformity or nonc
Michele Landsberg July 15
There is absolutely no truth to the unsavoury accusation of the militants in York Region that Holocaust education is "exclusive'' or "marginalizes others.''
Dalton Camp July 15
Like Stockwell Day, "The Chief" was born with a conspiracy detector planted behind his ears. He heard the voices of his detractors - elitists, most of them, enemies of the people. In the employ of Li
Parker Barss Donham July 15
At this point, the popular notion that the coke ovens and the tar ponds are affecting public health in Cape Breton is nothing more than a theory. Documents obtained under the Access to Inanity Act sh
Michele Landsberg July 14
Joy is the last thing you'd expect at a place like Sistering, a daily drop-in centre for marginalized and homeless women - "ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances." Sistering - its palpable go
Linda McQuaig July 14
The need for economic security has never been lost on the rich. But it's also important - arguably even more important - to those lower down the income ladder, who are more vulnerable to a bad turn o
Rachel Giese July 12
As far as discipline goes, spanking is a highly effective practice if the goal is to humiliate, bully, frighten and intimidate. It's a good method for making someone submissive and resentful, but not
Dalton Camp July 11
Canada's national newspapers may never forgive Tory leader Joe Clark for being right. From the beginning, he dismissed the threat of Canadian Alliance Party and its ill-fated leader, Stockwell Day.
Parker Barss Donham July 11
Tuesday, a court in Nova Scotia decided in favour of Ralph Fiske's wrongful dismissal suite. This is a case where a lone civil servant proved that courage and integrity can overcome the mediocrity th
Tom Walkom July 10
A man charged with <i>causing a disturbance by shouting</i> was dragged into court in chains like some kind of Charles Manson and denied bail - yet almost no one seemed to find this odd.
Michele Landsberg July 8
Ontario corporations will delight in a $2 billion tax cut, provided by their Tory friends in government. The women of the province (teachers, nurses, welfare mothers, home caregivers) are paying for
Dalton Camp July 8
The news of the Fraser Institute's book on the harmlessness of second-hand smoke and its co-author made my day. I always thought they were blowing smoke out there at the institute. Now I know the smo
Parker Barss Donham July 8
The furor over Bill 68 raises basic questions about government priorities. The strong public support that nurses enjoyed throughout the crisis confirms the high value Nova Scotians place on stable, g
Michele Landsberg July 7
How did Jim arrange to exert his control, even from prison? He stalled for nearly a year before entering a plea. The CAS worker insisted to Alvin that until Jim was tried, his rights as a father must
Rick Salutin July 6
Rick Salutin
Both John Sewell and Paul Godfrey have been mayor of Toronto at one time. Sewell built affordable housing and a sense of citizenship. Godrey led the push to build the SkyDome. You could put these two
Judy Rebick July 5
Judy Rebick
Everyone agrees that marijuana is relatively harmless as drugs go. It is less harmful than either alcohol or cigarettes. No one dies from marijuana use. Most Canadians now agree that marijuana should
Judy Rebick July 5
Judy Rebick
John Clarke is suspected of messing up somebody's files, pushing desks around and maybe throwing a microwave oven out the window. Mike Harris is suspected of implementing policies that caused the dea
Parker Barss Donham July 4
Unlike a legal strike, with a negotiated protocol for maintaining emergency services, mass resignations of Nova Scotia's health-care workers will be more militant, more disruptive, and harder to cont
Linda McQuaig July 3
The multinational drug industry has fought the generic drug licensing system just about everywhere it has surfaced. Thirty-nine major drug companies jointly launched a lawsuit against South Africa in
Tom Walkom July 3
Most people probably have a vague idea that it's illegal to advertise prescription drugs in Canada (although not over-the-counter remedies such as simple antacids). Most probably have been seeing mor
Murray Dobbin July 2
In its blind pursuit of ever more trade agreements, the federal government is actually encouraging the exodus of nurses by treating them as "exporters" of services. In so doing, it opens up our healt
Michele Landsberg July 1
For the first time, there is a fresh gust of genuine, even frightened, awareness sweeping through the stale assemblies of entrenched power: male supremacy in the developing nations comes at a cost of
Dalton Camp July 1
The idea of belonging to a country is under attack. One of our national newspapers serially produces dire comparisons showing the joys of living in a prospering United States as against our own sadly
Parker Barss Donham July 1
The value of having a local coal supplier seems to have dawned on the monopoly utility suddenly and belatedly - a reality they couldn't seem to see when they were driving Devco to the wall.
Michele Landsberg June 30
My broken toes seem to chronicle, in their fragmented way, the course of my adult life.