Rachel Giese January 17
Some Americans might be heartened to find out that their president is just regular folks, a guy who likes to kick back in front of the TV on the weekend. Trouble is, he's not just some working stiff,
Judy Rebick January 16
Judy Rebick
In cabinet, John Manley has moved to the top of the totem poll because of his performance post-September 11. Ottawa insiders tell us that Manley has performed superbly as foreign minister but it's ha
Dalton Camp January 16
The fall of Enron, friend and spoiled child of the Bush administration, its principal donor and maximum financial supporter, has been described as a systemic failure in which Murphy's law presided ov
Tom Walkom January 15
If September 11 was an act of war, why are those captured in the aftermath not treated as prisoners of war? It is considered legitimate self-defence for the U.S. and its allies to invade Afghanistan.
Linda McQuaig January 14
Mainstream media are not particularly interested in stories suggesting the rich enjoy favourable treatment from government. So it wasn't surprising there was minimal coverage last month of the final
Lyle Stewart January 11
In contrast to last week's outbreak of Grinch-hood, today I'll try on an optimistic and quite possibly rose-tinted pair of lenses to see what 2002 could be like. What follows is much more a wish list
Rick Salutin January 11
The question of whether art imitates life or the reverse has long been settled: art, in the crass sense, won. Most of us have seen far more images of reality than we have actual landscapes, personali
Roy Adams January 11
We ought to be wary of the policy prescriptions flowingprimarily from theoretical economics. Much of the so-called neo-liberal agenda that has been driving economic policy for two decades springs fro
Rachel Giese January 10
The only remotely good news is that the destruction of the environment has been created by humans and is still, but just barely, within the hands of humans to fix.
Bill Tieleman January 10
The latest - and lowest - plan from the British Columbia Liberal government is to privatize welfare, contracting out service delivery to corporations whose profits will come from increasing misery fo
Dalton Camp January 9
Canada should examine the motives of those who seem so eager to put Canadian lives at risk in Afghanistan when and where our presence is not really needed and for no true purpose or clear end.
Tom Walkom January 8
An increasing number of influential economists, politicians and business leaders want this country to follow Argentina's path, to adopt the American dollar. All point to the euro, the new single curr
Rick Salutin January 5
I dream of writing on Stockwell Day or globalization once again. I don't even think this is a war, yet I repeatedly call it that. Maybe I hear quotes around it in my mind, but forget to insert them.
Rachel Giese January 4
It's true that nothing could be a better legacy for September 11 than a shift in American values from selfishness and self-absorption to compassion and generosity. But the irony is that America, even
Roy Adams January 3
A recent Supreme Court decision rejected Ontario's labour legislation, which denied agricultural workers the right to organize. The court went on to state that Canadians share this fundamental right,
Rick Salutin December 28
During this holiday season, the columnist explores journamentalism, tribalism and culture in community.
Rachel Giese December 27
Where to even begin? The big ones are too horribly obvious: the terrible terrorist attacks of September 11 and the violence and repression that's been employed to avenge them; the women-hating Taliba
Linda McQuaig December 24
The notion that Canada is a country in decline, a nation of losers, a hub of mediocrity, etc. is one encountered often in the National Post. I'm not disagreeing Canada has declined in recent years. B
Lyle Stewart December 21
Once one of the most highly developed nations of Latin America, with the region's largest middle class, Argentina is being rapidly pushed into Third World status by various "rescue" plans from the In
Rick Salutin December 21
Our version of democracy tends to be top-heavy at the best of times, leaving leaders, generals, experts and the rich to run things unencumbered, except for occasional elections. It's a situation in w
Rachel Giese December 20
The same people who oppose gun control and socialized medicine - though both would save thousands of American lives each year - are now waxing philosophical about the sanctity of life, the importance
Naomi Klein December 19
Naomi Klein
Post-September 11, History is back with a capital H. Shoppers are once again foot soldiers in a battle between good and evil, wearing new stars-and-stripes bras by Elita and popping special edition r
Dalton Camp December 19
Parents in Ontario already have a choice about whether to send their kids to private schools. The question is whether the state should be subsidizing that choice.
Jerry West December 19
Jerry West
The people of B.C. are not really being asked for their direction on treaty issues. The proposed referendum on the issue is little more than an expensive propaganda gimmick being used by the governme
Tom Walkom December 18
I'm old-fashioned. I think it is interesting that someone with access to a U.S. or British - or maybe even a Canadian - military lab is trying to conduct germ warfare against the North American popul
Murray Dobbin December 18
Trade deals are created to benefit of business. They are intended to dramatically reduce the risks that have historically been associated with investment. With these deals, risk then shifts to govern
Roy Adams December 18
The executive class has largely succeeded in excluding labour and environmental standards from international trade agreements. Its increasing power and the decline of countervailing constraints on it
Dalton Camp December 16
The American media are more interested in this war because its viewers and readers and advertisers are American. This makes sense. It has nothing to do with journalism.
Thomas Walkom December 15
By forging ahead with plans to privatize Ontario's Hydro One, Mike Harris - who is stepping down as Premier - has made it virtually impossible for his successor not to proceed with the government's s
Lyle Stewart December 14
Liberal Senator Michael Kirby chairs the Senate committee on social affairs, science and technology. He also sits on the board of directors of Extendicare Inc., which owns hundreds of nursing homes a